How I Made $100 Last Month Just By Expressing My Opinion – How You Can Too!

Posted: November 8, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Earlier this year, I saw comments on my Facebook page from people who were making money just by expressing their thoughts and opinions by writing only 400 characters! I was intrigued. I’m usually quite lengthy in my posts so I knew I would never have to worry about reaching 400 characters (notice I said characters and not words), and I decided to give it a try. If even one person read what I wrote

– I would get a penny. If somebody commented on my post, I would make another penny. And for every like I received, I would get another penny. 

You may be curious about why I split that paragraph in two. The reason is because I wanted to show you what 400 characters looked like and if I had posted only that first paragraph on the site I’m about to mention, I would have fulfilled the requirements of the site that paid me $100 last month JUST by posting my thoughts, opinions, and ANYTHING else I wanted to post. I don’t post as often as other Bubblers (that’s what we call ourselves) do, but I know of some Bubblers who are making $25 a day – could YOU use an extra $750 a month? I’m hoping to build to that level too, but even the extra $100 I made last month is going to help me buy gifts this year for my 17 grandkids!

Want to make $100 posting YOUR opinions AND get paid for doing so? CLICK THIS LINK to join! 

If you don’t want to join but you want to read some of the things I’ve posted there, please click MY BubbleWS POSTS

Thank you for visiting.

(This post also appears on my Writing Creatively Blog.)

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