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Jared Fogle and the Creep Meter

Posted: October 30, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Fogle Bundy

One of my daughters and I were talking about the infamous former spokesman for Subway, Jared Fogel. She told me that she had always had a creepy feeling about him. Because I don’t have cable and my antenna doesn’t allow me to watch many programs (I live in a very windy town), I got to watch only a portion of the Dr. Phil show about him yesterday. The discussion will continue today, but depending on the wind factor, I probably won’t be able to watch much today either.

That’s OK. I got the gist of the conversation yesterday, and what I learned not only repulsed me, but also scared me, because I know Jared is not the only predator out there hunting vulnerable children. Though audiences everywhere will appear to be abhorred by what they see and hear, many of them are online themselves, luring unsuspecting victims into their lair.

I was 17 when a nice-looking and extremely polite man approached me in a parking lot behind Sears where I worked after school. My creep meter teetered past the “RUN” end of the spectrum, but I was taught to always respect my elders, and though he was only 22 at the time, he was still an adult. You can read the story here: The Ghost of Ted Bundy Still Haunts Me.

You’re probably wondering if my point in bringing up Ted Bundy is to compare the serial killer to Jared Fogle, who, as far as we know, has never killed anyone. So let me make something clear. Whether a predator kills a child, a teenager, or an adult, or kills that child’s, teenager’s, or adult’s spirit makes no difference.  Predators seek pleasure at the expense of unwilling victims. They ruin lives. They cause fear. They don’t care. Significant in their minds is their own pleasure.

So how does a predator find pleasure in sexually exploiting a child? They enjoy feeling powerful, and they delude themselves into believing that by exerting power over a vulnerable child, they have shown how much control and power they have – when in reality they are so weak in mind and spirit that the only way they can feel any control over their own lives is by taking control of other helpless, defenseless little beings.

Why are our children so vulnerable? Why haven’t we taught them how to rely on their own intuitions? We teach them to be suspicious of everyone, so how can they tell the difference between a friendly neighbor who offers support and a terrifying uncle who sneaks into his niece’s or nephew’s bed at night?

We need to teach our children how to pay attention to their own “creep meters,” and explain to them that when they feel the hairs rise on the backs of their necks or on their arms, if they feel scared – at all – for ANY reason, they should trust their feelings.

What works for one child may not work for another, so we need to take advantage of every resource available to us that will help us help our children. Here is one free download that might help – You Are The Boss of Your Body!

Let’s work together to help our kids feel strong and powerful so they won’t appear vulnerable to predators, who take any vulnerability as an invitation to pounce.

Is Subway Promoting Bullying?

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You’ve seen the ads with the guy and his Subway sandwich, right? His childlike voice speaks to sometimes two girls with their childlike voices and he quickly loses his sandwich to the bullies who take his sandwich away from him.

Now I’m not big on soapboxing, but is this really the message we want to give our children – that it’s OK to steal a sandwich from someone because you’re his girlfriend or that it’s OK to steal a sandwich from someone because you’re sharing it with somebody else?

In light of all the bullying going on in the world today, even though the actors are obviously adult, their little kid voices speak volumes. If you were a child watching these commercials, what would you think?

 Jared Eating Subway

I’m just asking. I know that for myself, if I had seen this commercial when I was a kid, I would never have thought to take a sandwich from anybody, but I definitely would have felt sorry for the guy whose sandwich was taken from him. I can’t help but think that Subway seems to be promoting bullying with this commercial.

Why not have Subway show a vigilante group of Robin Hoods swarming the fast food restaurant and stealing sandwiches to give to the poor? Or maybe I should raid the local Subway shop and grab a bunch of sandwiches to bring to my local homeless shelter.

You can probably tell that I don’t like their current commercials. I’d prefer Jared again or maybe even my own commercial for Subway. I can see it now – my four kids, eleven grandkids, three great grandkids, and I deciding where to go for lunch. And what do we choose – Subway – where we all SHARE a meal with each other that we didn’t STEAL from other patrons.

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