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Most people, when they see a dog in pain, feel their hearts go out to the vulnerable animal. Some people, however, enjoy watching animals get tortured. They also enjoy watching humans suffer.

Others say they empathize or sympathize with people going through painful experiences, but they deceive themselves and us by their actions and words. They might support an individual who has cancer, but when that same individual suffers from a sexual assault, they want nothing to do with him or her. Why many of us who have been sexually assaulted don’t address our assaults is because too many people believe we brought on our assaults ourselves.

This whole “Me Too” movement, however, has given permission to those of us who were abused 20, 30, 40, 50, or even 60 years ago to finally relieve ourselves of the pain we’ve been holding onto for however many years we’ve suffered.

How many of us over the years, though, have heard people say, get over it, let it go, admit your role in making it happen! So many of us who endured that type of suffering find ourselves with a difficult, and sometimes impossible, task to explain why we waited so long. We also find it nearly impossible to explain why we didn’t stand up to our attackers.

The reason I’m writing this blog post today is because of a situation in which those things mentioned above occurred recently. For some reason, in thinking about the “you asked for it” mentality, my mind wandered to people who sexually abuse animals. Bestiality isn’t common, thank God, but it does beg the question, in light of people who believe we seduced our perpetrators, what did the animal do to entice the human? How did the animal “ask for it?”

In exploring that concept, I found myself wondering what it was that made animals sexually attractive to humans. While those of you in the you-asked-for-it camp may be able to come up with an answer, I couldn’t. I could not think of a single reason why a human being would be sexually attracted to an animal in the same way I cannot understand why a father would be sexually attracted to his daughter or a mother sexually attracted to her son. The reason I say that those who accuse women (and men) of “asking for it” too often think the victim enticed the victimizer by dressing provocatively.  

So what does that say about victimizers? That they have no self control? That they want to have sex with their offspring? That they wander the streets, or their own homes, looking for weak victims to attack? That if a dog wears a revealing tutu, he or she is ripe for victimization?

My mind is going crazy trying to figure out the mindset of people who believe that victims played a role in their victimization! “Have you been sexually assaulted?” accusers smugly ask. Then admit your role in your attacker’s decision to assault you! “Have you been robbed?” Ask yourself what role you played in tempting the robber to steal from you! “Are you being bullied?” What did you do to invite the bully’s attacks?

I honestly don’t understand that line of thinking. Somebody please explain it to me.

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