Want to Change Your Room Design, But Don’t Know How it Will Look? Try This Plan!

Posted: February 1, 2016 in Uncategorized

Near the end of Summer 2016, I’ll be moving from my rented 2 bedroom townhouse to live in 2 rooms with one of my daughters, her husband, and their daughter to care for their new baby. I don’t mind moving. I love change. But I wondered, would my furniture fit in the space I would be living?

I have a large l-shaped couch, a glider with an ottoman, lots of book stands, a large TV stand, and a shelf unit. I’ll be bringing a queen-sized bed, two 8-bin storage units (one serves as my dresser) and LOTS of shelves (for my crafts). I’ll have to rent a storage unit for my California King bed, my kitchen table and chair, and all my kitchenware.


What I didn’t want was to switch furniture around on moving day, so you can imagine my delight when I came across Urban Barn at Icovia. All I needed was the room dimensions and the size of each piece of furniture. With that information I could play with plans Icovia supplies on its site. I’m not affiliated with Urban Barn or Icovia and I am not getting paid by them to advertise for them. I just wanted to share this fun design plan with everyone who wants to see what their furniture would look like if they moved it around.

Interested? Check out Urban Barn on Icovia!


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