When I Win Powerball

Posted: January 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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To make my experience feel real, and to hold myself accountable when I win the Powerball, I’ve decided to list the things I’m interested in doing with the money I’ll get! (How’s that for positive thinking?)

1) Set up a dental organization to help people who can’t afford a dentist so they can get their teeth fixed. I hope to get volunteer dentists to participate. Why is this first on my list? Because people going for jobs generally won’t get hired if they have missing or rotting teeth. For some reason, people stereotype individuals with missing or rotting teeth as being stupid.

2) Donate all of my already-made craft items (I have LOTS of them) to organizations who raise money with fundraisers.

3) Set up scholarships across the country for a select group of individuals (group yet to be determined).

4) Purchase iPads for low-income schools.

5) Open craft stores across the country for people who make items and have difficulty competing with thousands of other crafters on Etsy and other sites.

6) Pay off my bills.

7) Buy myself and my kids and grandkids that long-dreamed-of home on the lake.

As I get used to my millions, I’ll come up with more ideas, but this list is a start!

I don’t mind sharing, so if you bought a ticket, good luck to you, too!

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