WARNNG for PayPal Account Holders! PayPal SCAM!

Posted: September 19, 2015 in Uncategorized

Update: Here’s what to do with suspicious emails from “PayPal,” or in the scam noted in this post, “paycyal,”

Theresa Wiza's Blog

I just received this email today. I have received others like it in the past. The sender is a thief and a scammer and if you’re not attentive, you might think you are saving your PayPal account. YOU ARE NOT!

If you have received this email, or ones similar to it, DO NOT RESPOND–DO NOT LOG IN:


Just because it carries the PayPal logo does NOT mean that it comes from PayPal and IF YOU RESPOND, YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT WILL GET HACKED! You could lose more money than you have in your account!

The email comes from this bogus address – serviice@paycyal.onmicrosoft.com

It could come from another address. These scammers will note this warning and they will come up with other email addresses that ARE NOT AFFILIATED WITH PAYPAL.

The email you see above DOES NOT come from a legitimate PayPal source! ALWAYS CHECK THE RECIPIENT’S ADDRESS.

Please alert all…

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  1. Nancy Mihas says:

    Wow, thanks Ter.

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