Every once in a while – OK, very often – my entire life turns upside down and inside out, and I become the poster child for the, “what-can-go-wrong-does-go-wrong” campaign. In this past month alone I have overcome so many obstacles, I feel as if I’m running some kind of race without ever having signed up for one.

In the beginning of this stretch of craziness, I discovered two lumps at the same time. Finding a lump in and of itself is cause for concern, but when you consider that one of those lumps is on my leg (the other is in the center of my hand) and that one of my grandsons is currently undergoing chemotherapy for Ewing’s Sarcoma (bone cancer), bells of alarm ring, especially when I couldn’t help but look online for possible explanations (Mayo Clinic, Cancer.org – reputable sites) where I discovered that secondary cancers can grow out of primary cancers.

Since just last month I finished my final chemo pill for breast cancer, I jumped on the phone and called a doctor. I say “a” doctor, because every single doctor I’ve ever had has moved or retired. Yes, EVERY SINGLE ONE. I needed to see a doctor anyway, because for over a year, I’ve been experiencing excruciating pain in one of my hips.

During the whole MONTH I had to wait for an appointment, I attended the wedding one of my granddaughters. I also needed to look for several birthday presents. From August 1 to August 16, the following people celebrated birthdays: my son’s fiancé, my son’s fiancé’s daughter, one of my grandsons, my son, and two of my great granddaughters. I still owe my son and his future wife birthday presents, but I think they’ll forgive my lateness.

Birthdays, wedding, and present-buying were (almost) over and I had put aside all thoughts of the more joyous occasions in my life (yes good things cause stress too) so I could concentrate on the doctor’s appointment.

Which wouldn’t happen.

Because on my way to the doctor, I took a wrong turn. No, that’s not the problem. Making a wrong turn turned out to be fortunate. You see my car overheated, and since I was no longer traveling down country roads, I was within a couple of miles of a gas station. I pulled into the gas station where I found a nice man who told me what the problem might be. “It could either be a leak somewhere, a cracked engine block, or a cracked transmission.” He recommended getting some coolant.

So I cancelled my doctor appointment and didn’t make another one because I didn’t know if I would have a car to get there, and I called my son-in-law to see if he could pick me up. Fortunately he knows a lot of people and after filling my car up with coolant, he drove to a repair shop one of his friends managed. The good news is that after running my car for several hours over night with the car filled with antifreeze, the friend of my SIL detected no leaks whatsoever!

However (yes, the success of driving my car is dependent upon a BUT) if my car continues to overheat, my SIL’s friend can run another test using dye, because worst-case-scenario means it could be a cracked head gasket. OH, PLEASE, NO!

Problems temporarily averted, I can now safely (hopefully) make another appointment with the doctor to find out that these lumps are benign and that the hip problem is nothing more than arthritis, which I already have down my spine. I’m thinking positively and I’m praying that only good news occurs from now on!

  1. I could feel your frustration. Believe me, I know how one thing after the other can keep happening and keep your nerves worn ragged. I hope all will be calm, and go well for you, Theresa. ❤ Gloria

  2. Nancy Mihas says:

    Keep on keepin on sister. You have overcome great odds before and you can and will again. Love you Theresa.

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