Help Spread the Virus – the Good News Virus

Posted: August 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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previously posted on, then removed from, Persona Paper and updated

“Going viral,” a common phrase we hear a lot lately, relates to everything from a disease to a song to a movie to a book and more. “Going viral” has changed the negative connotation of the term, virus, into something positive. So spreading viruses can be a positive experience. But too often too many of us devote too much time to negativity.

My views on life were challenged when I attended college in the 90s (as an old woman of 38). I was fortunate to come across an instructor who knew how to get into the heads of her students and open their inner eyes and ears to what should have been (I later determined) obvious observations. For instance, the news, she told her students, reports incidents that are aberrant; they’re not common situations. If they were common, they wouldn’t make the news.

That instructor (thank you, Cheryl Overton) impacted me in ways that no other class ever did or ever would (at least as of now). “The Death of Common Sense,” by Philip K. Howard, a book the instructor demanded we read for discussion, was an eye-opener, because it changed my perceptions about a lot of things. Being able to look at situations from different angles has served me well over the years. If an argument ensues, for instance, I can instantly see both sides – and often I can see other possible sides not presented in arguments. Perception plays a huge role in how we see our world.

So – getting back to the news – if we see news reports where 75% is about rape, robbery, murder, and kidnapping, 10% is devoted to weather, and 15% is devoted to sports, we are likely to see the world as a very scary place – if we don’t realize that the REASON these incidents are being reported is BECAUSE they are aberrant. I’ve often thought that if an alien dropped onto Earth and determined the character of Earthlings by watching the news, that being would think we were mostly criminals whose major source of entertainment was sports.

What if we were to change our thinking? What if we were to focus more attention on the positives in our lives? I’ll be honest, the stories I find most inspiring are the ones about people who overcame horrendous obstacles, the ones who saw a problem and determined that THEY would be the ones who would solve it.

How often do we hear THOSE kinds of stories?  I want to hear about successes and triumphs. I want to learn from you how you overcame depression, how you dealt with the death of your child, and how you continue to deal with adversity. I want to know how you handle rejection and how you survived incest and rape, how you managed to force yourself to awaken each morning, knowing that the person who tried to kill you got away with it because of a “technicality” – what’s your story? And if you share your good news in your blogs or articles, tell me why it’s good news.

My most recent triumph is that I recently took my last chemo pill nearly 6 years after my original diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (breast cancer), and I just had another great mammogram. I can officially say good-bye to cancer, and I feel triumphant!

So let’s start looking upon our problems as challenges. Let’s realize that the negativity we hear about in the news is reported only because it’s so rare. Let’s spend more time looking for positive role models and listening to positive affirmations. Let’s start noticing triumphs and successes.

Want to help me spread the good news virus? Look around. Ignore all the negativity and find even one bit of happiness about which you can be grateful. Spread the #GoodNewsVirus

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