If We Are Christians…

Posted: May 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

In looking for a different blog, I came across this one and thought I’d repost it.

Theresa Wiza's Blog

As I drove from Illinois to Virginia on my way to my son’s pinning ceremony (as a United States Marine Staff Sergeant), I amused myself with various radio stations I heard along the way.

Wait – amused is definitely not the right word. Let me call it something else.

Sorry. Drawing a blank here. Perhaps you’d like an explanation as to why I can come up with no words to describe the sheer agony of listening to moronic ramblings when you’re trapped in a car in the mountains with little else to hear.

As I switched stations, I heard (not verbatim – I was driving, after all, so I couldn’t jot it down), “As Christians (pronounced Cuh-RIST-chuns), we can NOT condone same-sex marriage because if we, as Christians (same pronunciation), condoned same-sex marriage, we might as well condone humans having relations with animals.”


Did I hear him correctly? Time…

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