What Color is Your Gas Cap – Yellow Could Save You Money at the Pump

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Uncategorized
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gas cap

Tired of spending too much at the pump? Did you know that – right this minute – you could be saving money at the pump if only you had the information to do so?

According to fueleconomy.gov, “FFVs (flex-fuel vehicles) have been produced since the 1990s, and more than one hundred models are currently available. Since FFVs look just like gasoline-only models, you may be driving an FFV and not even know it.”

The big oil companies who run our government (because they support lobbyists who insure their stake in future gains by controlling what U.S. Citizens purchase), have made us dependent upon oil, ignoring alternative fuels, such as biodiesel, electricity, ethanol, methanol, hydrogen, propane, and natural gas – alternatives that would save consumers hundreds, and possibly thousands, of dollars every year.

Biodiesel is a clean, renewable fuel that is domestically produced. It “can be manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, or recycled restaurant grease.”

Electricity, used in all-electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, provides “significant energy security and emissions benefits.”

Ethanol, available in different forms (E85, for instance) is a renewable fuel made from corn and other plant materials.

Hydrogen is an other emissions-free alternative fuel that comes from a variety of domestic energy sources, such as, “natural gas, coal, solar energy, wind, and biomass”.

Natural gas, another clean-burning alternative, “can be used in vehicles as either compressed natural gas (CNG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), renewable natural gas (RNG), or biogas.”

Propane, yet another clean form of fuel, “increases energy security, provides convenience and performance benefits, and improves public health and the environment.”

The U.S. Department of Energy admits, “methanol use could help reduce U.S. dependence on imported petroleum.”

CampaignContributions PartialList

So why are we so dependent upon oil as our primary source of fuel? As you might have suspected, those lobbyists mentioned above control what our government spends. How? By contributing enormous sums of money to political campaigns (see above graphic). They don’t want you to use alternative sources of fuel, because they want to become wealthy and they hope we are all too ignorant and too stupid to try other sources.

The documentary, Pump (currently on Netflix), is so filled with extraordinary information, you’ll be tempted to watch it more than once. You’ll be surprised, for instance, by what one of the Rockefellers did to the electric trolley cars in order to force U.S. citizens to rely on his oil. I highly recommend you watch this documentary. You’ll be stunned by what you’ll learn.

Check the gas cap in your car. If it has a yellow band around it, or if the cap is completely yellow, you can use alternate fuels in your car. Check your owner’s manual. Why not start saving money now? Little by little, the less reliant we are on gas, the cleaner our air will be, and the more money you’ll have in your pocket.

Photo is a screenshot of a partial list of campaign contributors shown on the Open Secrets web site. Click the link to see the rest of the contributors.



http://www.afdc.energy.gov (most quotes come from this web site)

http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/flextech.shtml (photo of gas caps)



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