Has the World Stopped Producing Cranberries?

Posted: April 24, 2015 in Uncategorized
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These Cranberries

Why can’t I find cranberries anymore?

That’s all. I could stop the blog there, because, really, that’s all I want to know. But I’ll explain what’s going on. For the past month and a half, every time I shop, I look for cranberries (I like them for my breakfast smoothies), and I look for them, not only in the produce section, but also the frozen food section. While I prefer fresh cranberries, I’ll take frozen. But –

They are nowhere!

Every time I shop! Every place I shop!

Repeat – Nowhere!



Not these Cranberries

Are the big manufacturing companies gathering them up before they get to the grocery stores for reasons they would never reveal to consumers? Are cranberry farmers hoarding cranberries? Have cranberries been designated as an entirely different type of food and they no longer appear in the produce or frozen food section, because they aren’t fruits anymore?

(That could happen. Look what happened to Pluto. But at least we still know where to find Pluto.)

I miss having cranberries in my smoothies. Does anybody know why I can’t find them anymore?

Where are you, cranberries?

Photo of cranberries by Keith Weller – Image Number K4414

Photo of The Cranberries live in Barcelona by Amarvudol

Photo by Keith Weller – Image Number K4414


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