In Honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Uncategorized
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YATBOYB child abduction

You Are The Boss of Your Body: A Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse is a booklet that was written collaboratively with experts in the field of child psychology and/or child abuse prevention. The book, written for children between the ages of two and eight, is available as a free download. Black and white photographs, taken by an award-winning photographer, accompany the text to give it a sense of realism. You are free to print the book from your own computer and read it to your children.

Sexual abuse is real and the people most likely to abuse your child are family members, friend, neighbors – in other words, people you know and trust. Children need to know that they can tell an adult if anybody touches them inappropriately or makes them feel uncomfortable in any way. You Are The Boss of Your Body: A Guide to Preventing Child Sexual Abuse opens a conversation between you and your children. The message in the book empowers children and gives them permission to voice their concerns about anything affecting their safety.

As mentioned in my blog, Child Abuse Prevention Book – A Free Downloadable Book for Children Ages 2-8,The harsh material is handled very delicately. If the child has never been molested or raped, she will not understand the nuances. For instance, the book discusses putting something in a child’s mouth that isn’t food. Most children will think in terms of toys. The child who has been molested will know otherwise….Child abusers, molesters, and rapists will manipulate their victims into believing that what they are doing is acceptable. We need to join forces to protect these precious children from the trauma of incest, rape, and molestation, because every time we address a new problem, child predators engineer new tactics.” (Please click the link to read more.)

Let’s work together to protect our children from being abused.

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