Are You Dead and Not Aware of Your Passing?

Posted: March 16, 2015 in Uncategorized
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YOU could be on the Social Security Administration Death Master File (SSDMF) and not know it – until you try to take out a loan or cash a check. 60 Minutes just yesterday (March 15, 2015) ran a show on the problems Social Security encounters every year when they declare live people dead and also pay benefits to people who have been dead for 30 years – or more.

One third of one percent of Americans are killed off by the Social Security Administration each year. My father is among the 8-9,000 ALIVE people yearly who become identified as deceased by the Social Security Administration. Social Security stopped paying for my father’s nursing home care, because, they insisted, he was dead. He wasn’t. Not yet anyway.

My mother had to contact the Social Security office and refute their findings. Fortunately the nursing home came to her defense. There he was, in his nursing home bed as always. But then, just when everyone thought that Social Security realized my father was still alive, they declared him dead a second time, and my mother had to go through the same process again. This time, SSA came to the nursing home within a week and declared that my father was still alive.

If you’re declared dead, though nobody will be able to resurrect your death certificate, because one has never been filed, the fact that you’re on the Death Master File is all any government office, bank, or credit agency needs to know, because if you try to use your social security number and you’re supposedly dead, you could be charged with identity theft. Absurd? Yes. But also true.

But declaring people dead isn’t the SSA’s only problem. An audit of the Social Security Administration revealed that 6.5 million people over the age of 111 were still collecting social security checks and opening bank accounts. How many people over the age of 111 are still alive? SSA estimates the number to be around 10.

With such a flawed system, you might think Social Security, with its dwindling reserve money, would be quick to fix the problem, but despite running out of money and the supposed urgency to save Social Security for Americans who will rely on it for income in the future, the SSA continues to declare live people dead and send social security checks to people who have been dead for decades, costing Social Security BILLIONS of dollars each year.

So how secure is Social Security? I guess that depends on whether or not Social Security stops sending payments to deceased people whose relatives cash those checks and stops declaring live people dead. Fortunately safeguards are now in place. Checking on people over the age of 100 to make sure they’re still alive is a good start.

Watch the full 60 Minutes episode by clicking the link.


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