When You Lose Hope, You Gain Perspective

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We’ve all experienced moments when we feel so void of hope that we long for release from this life. Nothing anyone says relieves us from the burden of having to carry around the weight of hopelessness. We just want to curl up into a ball and sleep the rest of our lives away.

People say they’ll pray for us, but what good does prayer do? We still feel so much pain, we can barely move. We don’t want to answer the phone, we don’t want to go to work, we don’t want to watch television or read a book. We just want to die, because nothing will work anyway and we wonder – what’s the point?

We have a choice, though. We may not realize that we do, but we have a choice. We can go the whole rest of our lives curled up into a little ball and we can shut out the entire world, or we can believe that something miraculous might happen. Sometimes all it takes is the thought that we have the power to change our circumstances. Because, in reality, we do!

When we’ve lost all hope, we gain perspective – IF we don’t allow our hopelessness to consume us and guide us. Because if we’re even slightly intelligent, we know that we have somehow contributed to our state of being. Maybe we’ve been raped, robbed, threatened, and battered. We know without a doubt that we did NOTHING to contribute to our circumstances, but WE are the only ones who can change how we respond to our lives. Even if Satan himself sent us to the hospital in a near coma, WE can decide if we’re going to remain victims for the rest of our lives or if we will learn how to rise above our circumstances and challenge ourselves to be our own advocates. We can not allow others to control us or the choices we make.

We can say that nobody has it as badly as we do and we can drown our sorrows in alcohol or crush our sorrows with drugs, but by burying our heads in the sand, we lose sight of our abilities to overcome and move beyond our circumstances. We not only have the power to change our lives, but also the ability to contribute something valuable to it that will affect us and the people around us.

You discover that your child has come down with a life-threatening illness, you lost your job and can no longer provide for your family, your house burned down, your family just died in a car crash, your brother just killed his neighbor – I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture. Around the world, families are dying because they’re not getting enough food to sustain them, wars are raging in parts of the world where people fear walking down the street, and everything looks dismal.

You don’t understand how you got to this place in your life. You’ve made good choices, so why are others abusing you and ruining your life? You didn’t do anything to cause them to hurt you, and YOU DO NOT DESERVE what is happening to you now, but you must come to the realization that you can’t do anything to stop those who abuse you and who destroyed your trust.

The court systems and law enforcement don’t always work in your favor. You’ve tried and tried and tried and tried again and again to change things. The struggle alone has crushed you and left your spirit a mangled mess. Whatever hope you held onto in the beginning is gone, so the only thing left is for nature to take its course.

If you drink enough alcohol or abuse enough drugs, you will eventually die, so why not step up the process? Drink more, abuse yourself more, or just kill yourself.

But what if? What if something else could end the struggle? What if something you never considered would be the one thing to end your struggle and bring some joy into your life? And what if prayer was the impetus for change?

All it takes is faith and prayer. Nobody even has to know that you’re giving prayer a chance. If you need proof that prayer works, all you have to do is ask for a sign, and be specific in your request! Have you lost all hope? Have you tried everything possible to live a happy and fulfilled life? If you’ve never believed in the power of prayer, what do you have to lose by trying?

Even if you go into prayer thinking it will never work, the fact that you’re even willing to give it a shot means that you have just the tiniest morsel of faith. A mustard seed is the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Can you find faith the size of a mustard seed?

Prayer, meditation, peaceful reflection, anything that takes you out of “poor me” mode and into “what can I do to change my life” alters your perception and gives you power. We can’t always control what happens in our lives, because so many factors contribute to our situations, but we do have the power to control our thinking and our attitude. We are all experiencing challenges.

The mistake we make is in thinking that others aren’t experiencing the depth of sorrow or rage that we are experiencing. “I’ve tried prayer,” you tell me. “It didn’t work!” Let me ask you a question – what did you want? Did you pray for something frivolous, like a million dollars? Or did you pray for something meaningful, like asking what you can do to improve your situation? Maybe you gave up too soon.

Some of you will say that you don’t believe in God, but I think it’s because you think of “God” as a man in the sky granting wishes or randomly punishing people for crimes they didn’t commit. Here’s what else I think. I think of God as a Spirit – an all-encompassing Spirit that permeates everything. We can breathe in that Spirit and consciously make it part of our lives or we can ignore it and build a glass wall around us to prevent it from touching us.

But I don’t care how thick a wall you’ve built, though you can’t see God, that Spirit – that Energy – is there anyway. By inviting that wealth of knowledge, compassion, and understanding into your being, (in other words, by praying), you open up a world of possibilities.

So how do you pray? Some people consider memorizing words written by somebody else to be the optimum way to pray. But if the words are meaningless to you or if your mind wanders while you repeat those words, the prayer does you no good. A heartfelt conversation with the Spirit that guides you is the best way to pray. Express your needs and ask for them to be fulfilled. If you’re trying to make a decision, ask for a specific sign to let you know if one decision is better for you than another.

I once prayed for an answer about whether or not it might be better for my kids to grow up with an alcoholic or if it would be better for them if I left their father. Though I received no signs on the first or even the second day after I prayed about it, on the night of the third day, I had a dream that indicated I should get divorced. But I wasn’t going to base my decision to get divorced on a dream, so I prayed again and asked for more help. I had another dream that also indicated I should get divorced. Finally, I said, “God, you know me. I need things spelled out in black and white.” On that night I had a dream wherein my (now ex) husband handed me a document with the words clearly written in large letters on the top of the document in black and white, “DECREE OF DIVORCE.”

Of course, I also read numerous books on divorce and how it might affect my children and I also talked to a priest. In the end, with all the information I gathered which favored divorce in my particular situation, I pursued, and got, a divorce, something for which I have been forever grateful.

Over the years, possibly due to the success of that dream, I learned to perfect my praying by asking for specific signs. My article, Miracle on the Rock, mentions one such answered prayer. I now use that method all the time.

Life is full of energy. Thoughts are energy. Energy can be scientifically measured. Send a prayer out into the Universe and the words, along with the energy behind them, travel. My belief is that prayers and their answers are results of inspiration. A series of actions take place to answer the prayer. The thought that initiated the prayer and the emotion behind the prayer become an invisible force sent out into the Universe. Like a phone call sent to one particular number, the Energy behind that prayer reaches people who feel inspired to answer it – without ever knowing they are responding to a prayer.

In the case of my Miracle on the Rock, for instance, I believe the painter was inspired to paint the butterfly in the way that she did, my mother was inspired to purchase that particular rock, I was inspired to drive 50 miles to meet my mother for lunch, and it all culminated in the sign I had requested in my prayer. So I’ll repeat what I said earlier. If you have lost all hope, what have you got to lose by giving prayer a chance?

Start by being grateful for what you DO have, even if it’s something you think everyone else has, like all your fingers and toes or your original teeth. We all have something for which we can be grateful. You might have lost your home, your car, and most of your belongings, but maybe you still have your integrity. If you look hard enough, you can find something.

When you pray, along with being thankful for what you have, for what you’ve learned, and for the people in your life who matter to you, don’t forget to ask for a specific sign so you’ll know your prayer is being answered. Maybe a job will present itself to you, maybe advice will be given to you from an unlikely source, maybe opportunity will rise to greet you when you least expect it. Pay attention to your dreams. Follow your intuition. And look for the sign you requested. You never know when you’ll get an answer to your prayer.


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