Memories of my Ex Washed Over Me Today

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Just as I predicted (I wish I could show you the comment proving my prediction, but it’s buried beneath months of Facebook comments), the Summer (well, the HEAT anyway) began TODAY, the first day of school for lots of kids (including several of my grandchildren). Until today, we in the Midwest were blessed with a very mild and pleasant Summer. 

But it was what happened to me this morning that reminded me of those reasons I’m glad I’m not married times when I would put on my bathing suit and run outside, happy for some one-on-one time with my hubby, while the kids took their one-hour naps. He would be lying in the sun, I would be unfolding my lawn chair, he would glare at me, and he would snap, “GO BACK INSIDE!” 


Why? Because, as he always said, the clouds always followed me. He blamed me for never being able to tan if I dared to come outside while he was trying to tan. 

Well, today, I could almost see him rolling his eyes and glaring at me from under his eyebrows, because what started out as a shining and scorching sun kind of day, turned into something quite different. After I arrived at my daughter’s home, and after my daughter left for work, I asked my granddaughter if she wanted to go into the pool with me while her brother and sister were at school.

She did. So we put on our bathing suits, I lathered us both with suntan lotion, and I grabbed a towel we would both share. The second we walked outside, though, we heard thunder and the clouds rolled in. Not wanting either of us to get struck by lightening, we went back inside, took off our bathing suits, had a picnic in her bedroom, watched an educational TV program, and had lunch. Avery is napping now and I’m waiting for her daddy to come home so I can drive home through scattered thunderstorms on my way home, where I will pack more stuff and purge more stuff in preparation for my move one month from today, and I will thank God again that I am no longer married to the man who blamed me for everything wrong with his life, including the weather. 

  1. Nancy Mihas says:

    Sometimes a person, a mean person, has to have someone to blame for all the unhappiness they create in their own lives. He should have been overjoyed to have you to share his life with. But then again, look at the wonderful children you have from that relationship. You have so much love from them. I too am glad that you are away from that whole situation. Love you Ter.

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