How to Download Photos from Your Android Onto Your Mac

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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When my son gave me a Samsung Galaxy SIII, I felt a little guilty giving up my old iPhone. I love Apple products. I’ve had them since the mid-90s. But I was willing to give it a shot, because my iPhone wasn’t working properly – and I couldn’t turn down a free phone. While I’m still not completely comfortable with Samsung, mostly because I haven’t familiarized myself with all of its capabilities, I find that with use, the phone becomes easier and easier to navigate.

HOWEVER, even though taking photos and movies worked very well with the Galaxy 3, getting those photos onto my MacBook Pro proved impossible. Macs come with the iPhoto program and what happens when you plug your iPhone into your Mac is that iPhoto automatically opens all of your photos from your iPhone. They’re both compatible, after all, because they’re both Mac products.

But that doesn’t happen with an Android. I plugged the phone’s USB cord into my Mac and a CD/DVD icon appeared, but nothing else happened. And then the icon disappeared.

So I searched online for an answer, but nothing immediately useful popped up. So I continued to search and finally found the program that helped me download my photos from my Galaxy to my Apple. And where did I find this useful bit of information? Not on Apple’s support page! I should know by now that Apple never gives away any information for free. I found it on Samsung’s support page.

Let me say something about customer service in relation to Samsung and Apple. Unless you agree to pay an exorbitant fee for information that tells you how to deal with any Apple-related issues, unless you recently purchased an Apple product and want to know an answer within a very small time frame (3 months), you can find NO reliable information online about your Apple purchase without extensive research. I could have searched for hours on the Apple website through thousands of threads, or I could have paid money to get the answer. But Samsung provides the information FREE!

Where? HERE! By the way, I didn’t have Kies for Mac, so I didn’t need to uninstall it. I chose the free Google™ Android File Transfer app.

If anybody working for Samsung comes across this post, I’d like to thank you for providing ongoing support to your customers without making us pay for the information we need to use the product we paid good money to use.

  1. This is very good information to know. Thank you, Teresa.

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