Great Expectations Tempered with Pathetic Reality

Posted: April 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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To get a sense of what has been happening to me lately, so you’ll have a better understanding of the title I chose for this blog, please read the following two articles:


“One More Thing” Happened and And Then This Happened 

Or not.

If you’ve read anything I’ve written previously in this blog, you might remember my trials with money over the years. I should tell you that at one time, I actually had money. Yes, in 1969, I had $500 in my bank account (according to the Inflation Calculator located by clicking the link, $500 in 1969 is equivalent to $3,198.65 in 2014 – a cumulative inflation rate change of 539.7%). 

But then I had a baby and my husband couldn’t afford to pay for anything, because he had no money. I thought we had money, because I thought he had a job – until my mother-in-law pointed out to me all the sand in the bedroom. I found out that I had been packing his lunch every day so he could go to the beach! All $500 from my savings, the only savings I ever had, went to pay for the doctor bill, which was $200 and for the hospital bill, which was $300. I raised 3 more kids virtually alone with little and sometimes no child support after both of my divorces.

Fast forward to 2014 – to yesterday, 2014. After nearly 63 years of living in the poverty range, I know that if I stay in my home much longer, it will eventually be taken from me (more on that in the articles linked above).

Yesterday, though, I was given the final blow. I found out just how much home I can afford to buy after I sell the one I can’t afford. I have posted a photo of what I can afford. Yes, folks, I was approved for the whopping amount of $38,000! Find me a home that doesn’t come with lot rent (because that would have meant even less than $38,000), and I’m left with what? A tent? 

Now what?

  1. Chris Cass says:

    Well I would like to reply but this is one of the rare occasions I’m lost for words except, what on earth are you going to do now? I hope something comes up, like a lottery win. Make sure you buy a ticket!

    • theresawiza says:

      Thank you, Chris. Everybody who sees my home falls in love with it and wants to buy it, but then – they don’t. I just had a couple stop by yesterday who told me they wanted to buy it too, so I’m praying they actually do, because they have a smaller manufactured home I’d love to buy that I’d be able to afford!

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