Here’s The Problem with WHERE to Post My Blogs

Posted: July 30, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Do I write on my WordPress blog where I make nothing and I’m not even allowed to place ads so I can’t possibly make money? Do I post on my other blogs where I make only Adsense income, because Amazon refuses to allow Illinois residents to sell Amazon products, and where I might make a penny or two from ad placements that I have to put directly into my blogs? Or do I post on BubbleWS where, every day, I see an increase in my Bank?

Hmm. Decisions. Decisions.

 And the winner is … ding! ding! ding! ding! ding! … BubbleWS! And the reason is … they pay me. Not much, but they pay me. The problem with BubbleWs is that they are such a new site, they are down frequently, but as we “Bubblers” (a term we affectionately call ourselves) know, patience is a virtue best learned immediately on BubbleWS.

 At first I felt guilty neglecting all of my blogs and other article sites. They were my babies after all and I was ignoring them. And then I thought – those blogs are as much babies as stocks are actual cash in hand. And so I sometimes ignore my blog and article sites in favor of BubbleWS, because on BubbleWS every time somebody reads one of my posts, I get a penny. Every time somebody likes one of my posts, I get a penny. Every time somebody comments on one of my posts, I get a penny. Those pennies add up! 

 To be honest, since I joined BubbleWS on February 24th of this year, I’ve made only a little more than $150 so far, but I didn’t write anything for several months, because I wasn’t sure if I could trust the site. And then I saw my Facebook friends making money, so I took a closer work. Now I’m writing more and making more. 

 What I like about BubbleWS, besides the fact that I’m making money, is that I don’t have to write perfect content. BubbleWS is like a blog. Even BubbleWS tells Bubblers that BubbleWS is more a social networking site than it is a writing site. So if I misspell a word, leave out a word, or forget to add a comma, BubbleWS forgives me. I, however, can’t stand making mistakes, so I’ll go back and edit it, another function of BubbleWS I like – I can edit everything I write!

So my little WordPress child, fear not. I will continue to visit you and to post on you, but if you want to find me, I’ll probably be on BubbleWS. And if anybody reading you right now wants to sign up and start making money too, I invite them to click any of the links in this blog. 

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