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If you’re a blogger who loves to write, why not get paid to blog? Read on to learn about one writing site that shares its revenue 50/50 with its writers!

Be forewarned though. Patience truly is a virtue when it comes to writing – writing does not pay well if you’re not writing all the time, OR if you are a beginner who hasn’t amassed a lot of followers, OR if you are distracted by other events in your life.

That last category fits me perfectly – I am admittedly a distracted writer who spends more time with grandchildren than I do writing, but I know of other writers who depend on writing to make a living and who successfully raise children with what they make from their writing income.


Writers Writer for BubbleWS

They write about things that matter to a lot of people or they write about things that others search for on Google or Bing. Believe me, if people are searching for something you’ve just written, you’ve hit the jackpot. You need to write about hot topics, famous celebrities, medical breakthroughs, or personal stories that others can relate to in a deep and meaningful way. If you don’t know what’s HOT, check Breaking News on CNN or look for Hot Searches on Google Trends and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE about them.

Some writers look through newspapers (in print or online), read the articles, and then rewrite them. They make a lot of money doing that. If you’re the kind of writer who wants to write about current topics and you think you can make money writing about them, go ahead. Why not write about Kim Kardashian? You’ll be competing with only about 318,000,000 other links on Google or 31,400,000 links on Bing.

I’m not that kind of writer. I don’t steal headlines from newspapers, foreign or not, and then regurgitate the information in my own words. Not that I don’t write about contemporary topics – I do. But I put my own spin on issues. I recognize that I’m not a field reporter. And I certainly don’t pretend to be one. If something interests me and I have a unique perspective, I write about it. I don’t just write what others have already written.

But if you write about topics that interest people, you can do quite well on the site I’m about to mention. I’ll admit that I’m not a prolific writer, because I spend a great deal of time caring for my grandchildren. I also crochet. But I would imagine that if I devoted more time to writing, I would make a lot more money on this site. The good thing about this writing site is that every time somebody comments on your work or likes one of your articles, you get paid.

And what is this site? BubbleWS! Don’t ask me to pronounce it. Some people think the WS stands for writing site. Arvind Avi, one of the creators of BubbleWS, says the WS comes from NEWS, but instead of calling the site, Bubble NEWS, the creators of BubbleWS decided to leave the NE out.

The idea for the bubble came from cartoon characters whose thoughts or words are expressed with bubbles. You can read more about how BubbleWS began by reading, Arvind Avi – the Brains Behind the Revolutionary BubbleWS.

What’s nice about BubbleWS is that you don’t have to be a great writer to join. You just have to have an opinion or information to share or maybe you just want  to tell a story. Maybe you’ve thought about blogging, but you don’t think you’re a good enough writer. It doesn’t matter. Try anyway. Practice makes perfect, right?

If you write about topics that interest readers, you’ll gather followers who will click, “Like this” – and for every like you receive and for every comment others make about your articles, you make money! Considering the number of articles I’ve written for BubbleWS in the short amount of time I’ve been writing for the site, I’ve determined that I’ve made more money from this site than I have from every other site that pays me to write, including paid-to-blog sites.

What’s fun about BubbleWS is that if you join BubbleWS (click the link) you can watch The Bank to see your money grow every day! Even if you start out with pennies, watching that bank grow is exciting!

Interested? Sign up HERE!

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