What’s Wrong With a Hairy Chest?

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Uncategorized
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I don’t understand all the hype about why men are supposed to have clean-shaven chests, and why some women are portraying men with hairy chests as being Neanderthals. 

Another thing I don’t understand is why some men go through all kinds of depilation processes, including waxing their entire chests, enduring all kinds of pain, and suffering through regrowth when their hairs stick to the insides of their undershirts – for what? To please women? Why? 

Yes, we women go through the same process with our legs and underarms, but I think that’s mostly to please ourselves. We’re not considered cavewomen when we don’t shave our legs, though I can’t imagine Glamour Magazine showcasing a hairy-legged and hairy-underarmed individual on its cover. Hairy legs and hairy underarms are anything but glamourous – on women. 

But with so much focus on clean-shaven chests, I’m wondering – am I the only woman who actually likes hairy chests? I like chests void of hair too, but I am not the type of woman who would make her man rid himself of all of his body hair just because he happened to have a hairy chest.

Unless his hair is growing all over his back (NOT a fan of hairy backs), I say let it grow and let it be. To back up my beliefs, I would like to offer you this photo of Colin O’Donoghue, who plays Hook in Once Upon a Time (photo from digitalspy.com). You would never find me telling Mr. O’Donoghue to shave his chest, and I wouldn’t complain if OUAT revealed just a little bit more (smiley face).


  1. Kattie says:

    For me it depends how hairy the guy is and how the hair grows. For example Colin’s chest is perfect the way it is but some men have only a few hairs here and there and it looks awful.

  2. I for one like a more natural look … this is strictly a ‘Gloria opinion’… I think about when we get caught up in an emergency, or disaster… grooming tools are gone… people (men/women) revert back to themselves … guess what? They begin growing hair they’ve been hiding from the world. It’s everywhere….

    Being a woman though… seems easier to take care of the hair… we are expected to, because we are female. Men on the other hand … don’t have to. I do see the beauty both ways… hair or not.

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