Is Subway Promoting Bullying?

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You’ve seen the ads with the guy and his Subway sandwich, right? His childlike voice speaks to sometimes two girls with their childlike voices and he quickly loses his sandwich to the bullies who take his sandwich away from him.

Now I’m not big on soapboxing, but is this really the message we want to give our children – that it’s OK to steal a sandwich from someone because you’re his girlfriend or that it’s OK to steal a sandwich from someone because you’re sharing it with somebody else?

In light of all the bullying going on in the world today, even though the actors are obviously adult, their little kid voices speak volumes. If you were a child watching these commercials, what would you think?

 Jared Eating Subway

I’m just asking. I know that for myself, if I had seen this commercial when I was a kid, I would never have thought to take a sandwich from anybody, but I definitely would have felt sorry for the guy whose sandwich was taken from him. I can’t help but think that Subway seems to be promoting bullying with this commercial.

Why not have Subway show a vigilante group of Robin Hoods swarming the fast food restaurant and stealing sandwiches to give to the poor? Or maybe I should raid the local Subway shop and grab a bunch of sandwiches to bring to my local homeless shelter.

You can probably tell that I don’t like their current commercials. I’d prefer Jared again or maybe even my own commercial for Subway. I can see it now – my four kids, eleven grandkids, three great grandkids, and I deciding where to go for lunch. And what do we choose – Subway – where we all SHARE a meal with each other that we didn’t STEAL from other patrons.

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