Make Romney Obama’s CFO

Posted: November 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The election is over and the swearing-in ceremony is a couple of months away, but I can’t help wondering if Romney could have brought this country from a several trillion dollar deficit to solvency in a matter of only four years.

Throughout the presidential campaign Governor Romney let everyone know about his expertise with business. As a matter of fact, his business acumen took center stage in nearly every speech he made (with variations of I know how to run a business; therefore I know how to run a country. I know how to run a business ; therefore I can erase our more than trillion dollar deficit and make the United States of America solvent again).

If we are to understand the magnitude of his business acuity, we can interpret his message to mean that he knew how to erase the deficit and he could accomplish that task within record time.

So let’s forget about the election and take a little journey to the land of “What If.” I want you to imagine Romney as a scientist with the same influence and the same amount of money, but instead of being a genius in business, he is a brilliant scientist who has just discovered the cure for cancer.

Let’s say that the scientific research facility where Scientist Romney devotes his time holds an election for the position of president. Romney loses the election. What does he do with his research? Hold off for a future date when he MIGHT become president or, if he is as moral as he purports to be, share his cure with the world?

I think that if Romney truly has what it takes to turn this country around financially, and Romney truly knows how to get the United States out its several trillion dollar deficit, he owes it to his country to share that information. According to his own accolades, his experience alone would map a plan of action, and we would be completely out of debt in a matter of only four years (the time it would have taken him to complete his term as president had he won the election). As a result, I think President Obama should hire him as the United States Chief Financial Officer.

What do you say, President Obama (I’m sure he reads my blogs 😉 )? Can we give Romney a chance to prove his financial muscles? Can we allow him to exercise his right as a citizen to contribute to our country in a way that will completely erase our national debt? In order for all of us, Republican, Democrat, or those of us with other political affiliations, to work together, we need to pool our talents so that we can make this great country even greater. Money is business and, as we all know, Romney knows how to run a business.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Romney was, is, and will always be interested in himself rather than the benefit of the country. Even if he had the ability to help, he wouldn’t want to advise Obama because that just might make Obama look good and hurt the Republican party’s goal of destroying the president.

    • theresawiza says:

      Hi, Joyce, it just seems to me that if you know how to fix a problem, and if you are in a powerful position to implement strategies that will solve that problem, you owe it to your country to share your talents – unless your strategies really don’t work 😉

  2. Roberta says:

    We should let the country crash & burn & go bankrupt and start over, from 0.

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