If We Are Christians…

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
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As I drove from Illinois to Virginia on my way to my son’s pinning ceremony (as a United States Marine Staff Sergeant), I amused myself with various radio stations I heard along the way.

Wait – amused is definitely not the right word. Let me call it something else.

Sorry. Drawing a blank here. Perhaps you’d like an explanation as to why I can come up with no words to describe the sheer agony of listening to moronic ramblings when you’re trapped in a car in the mountains with little else to hear.

As I switched stations, I heard (not verbatim – I was driving, after all, so I couldn’t jot it down), “As Christians (pronounced Cuh-RIST-chuns), we can NOT condone same-sex marriage because if we, as Christians (same pronunciation), condoned same-sex marriage, we might as well condone humans having relations with animals.”


Did I hear him correctly? Time stood still. I think my car kept moving though. All I could think was – Who let this moron on the radio?

My mind began to question the ethics of such a statement. Maybe religious stations don’t have to adhere to the same moral code as do other radio stations. But why wouldn’t they? So they could spew forth opinions and generalizations and incendiary comments meant to rile listeners? For what reason? To create war? Makes no sense.

Yes, I did hear him correctly, though what he said was in no way correct. I know I heard him say what he said, because he repeated himself – several times – before I HAD to switch stations. I felt as if I had just come in contact with a filthy evil presence that was attempting to coerce people into believing his ridiculous ideas. What kind of thought process does it take to equate a loving human sexual relationship to human beings having sex with animals?

Where was I, you may be wondering? Not sure what state I was in – disbelief, that’s for sure, but I think I was in Northern West Virginia, up in the hills with all the snow – on Halloween. I imagined some maniacal deviant dressed in horns holding a pitchfork sending radio signals from the back room of a sleazy motel or in the caves of a spooky religious cult, hovering over the body of a poor little gay boy as they sacrificed his body and soul for some deranged cause.

Did this radio “personality” even have any listeners? Or was I the only one? It was trick or treat day. Maybe this was one giant hoax. But did he actually believe what he was saying?

Probably. I’m sure he learned hatred and intolerance from his parents. But, WOW! This guy was ON THE RADIO spreading his disease through aural stimulation – airborne disease at its worst!

And people were listening? Oh please tell me I was the only one.

I sometimes wonder why people believe what they believe. We don’t have a lot of leaders in this world. And a lot of the leaders we have are interested in only one thing – gathering followers. They lead by example and those examples are often horrific. Think Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Hitler. They had the charisma to convince people, who chose not to think for themselves, to believe in preposterous causes, no matter what they were, even if they didn’t make any sense.

Apparently life is so much easier when you adopt another’s point of view than when you have to think for yourself. You don’t question the validity of a statement when you believe it to be true, especially when it comes from someone you perceive to be RELIGIOUS, so why think for yourself when you can have others do it for you?

So the “reasoning” goes like this: humans having relations with humans is exactly the same thing as humans having relations with animals, and if you believe the almighty radio voice, you HAVE to accept the statement as truth, right? WRONG! Please tell me you know how inaccurate that way of thinking is.

I sincerely hope that guy donates his body to science because I think brains that are void of reasoning would give scientists a vast empty space to explore, a robotic minefield filled with misperceptions, misconceptions, and falsehoods.  What a wasteland!

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  1. I actually think it’s a simple matter of “If we as Christians condone the violation of one rule of conduct that’s given in the Bible, we might as well condone another.”

    • theresawiza says:

      You make a great point, Priscilla, because so many people take things out of context, then distort their words to make it appear as if, “God said it.” Sad, really. I think that if more parents and teachers taught our children to think for themselves, we might not have this problem.

  2. Coral says:

    So many who spout being “loving” believers of any religious group throw this crap around. It is just one example of how we, as human beings, are all capable of stupid remarks and thinking, whether religious in nature or not. This is one reason that I rarely listen to radio or watch tv any longer. But now, we do have the Internet, where aural stimulation has taken on new followers with the video clips on “news” sites, and self-uploaded YouTube channels. Never mind that journalism, authorship, creative writing and reading has fallen to the wayside for bullies’ attempt at writing b.s. and all the other …. oh, never mind. I’m rambling now.

    • theresawiza says:

      The really sad thing for me is that because people hear a voice on the radio, they automatically assume it’s a voice of reason, because they’re convinced the speaker is an expert. Thank for commenting and – you weren’t rambling! 😉

  3. theresawiza says:

    Reblogged this on Theresa Wiza's Blog and commented:

    In looking for a different blog, I came across this one and thought I’d repost it.

  4. I think people like this have absorbed these ideas before their brains have developed the power of reason and when they they are older, they “reason” that they already know it all and have no reason for “reason”! They probably also limit interactions with new places, people, and ideas. A wasted mind for sure!

  5. I think I would have rather driven in silence and listened to nature out my window rather than listening to the rants of an egotistical evangelist!

  6. Word Nerd says:

    No matter how long I live, I will never understand why some people believe that:

    A) They know everything.
    B) They speak for God.
    C) There is one, and only one, right way to live.
    D) They have the right to spew their opinions and present them as if they are undeniable truth.
    E) Demeaning others is not wrong.
    F) Everyone’s business is their business.

    • theresawiza says:

      I absolutely agree with you on every point. I think that what bothered me most about this man was that he had a platform to engage in that kind of behavior, and I wonder how many people agreed with him only because they couldn’t think for themselves.

      Thank you for your comment.

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