Living Life in Retrospect

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Admission: I am Clumsy (with a capital C in case you didn’t notice). I fall, I trip, I drop things, and I bump into things on a regular basis. I also forget things – even if I have those things, whatever they are, written down.

I used to write messages on my hand, but then I would wash my hands without looking at them, and the message would disappear. I bought numerous notepads, but then forgot that I bought them or misplaced them. One day I realized that I had to carry around with me something big, something I couldn’t forget, something that would be as important as my purse. So I bought a fairly large (thing you use for addresses, phone numbers, calendars, etc.)


Did you notice the parentheses? I left them there to explain something to you. As I write my blogs, articles, screenplays, or books, I often forget simple terms like “PLANNER,” so I describe them to myself and eventually go back and replace them as I remember words like, peacock, which I often call penguins, and microwave, which I often refer to as dishwasher (for explanations on these types of screw-ups, please read Help! I’m Being Bombarded With Hot Dogs!)

You must be thinking that being me is disastrous. You would be right. A couple of days ago, after I’d finished my breakfast smoothie, I walked the glass to the sink. However, instead of grabbing the glass, I grabbed my laptop.

Fortunately I realized my mistake before I turned on the faucet and reprimanded myself – once again – for being too distracted. Days pass before I can actually laugh at myself for my stupid mistakes or clumsiness. And that, my dear readers, is the point of this blog. You see, everything is better – in retrospect. So just this morning I made a note to myself that, from this day forward, I would live my life in retrospect.

How will I do that, you might ask? Well, for one thing, I think I’ll just laugh at myself all the time. That way I can get those endorphins moving long before I need them. Yes, a good hearty laugh – hmm, what will I use to prompt my laughter – ah, I know – I will stand before the mirror naked and let out a hearty bellow. That should start the day off just right.

Yes, from now on I will live my life in retrospect.  Of course, looking back will increase my chances of falling again, but it will be so worth it – in retrospect.

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