Allergy Sensitivity and Carpets

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Most allergy doctors and pulmonary specialists recommend removing carpeting for allergy sensitive individuals. I am one of those individuals. When my (now ex) husband and I purchased a home in the early 1980s, the carpeting in the home was hideous. I couldn’t even describe the color, because it looked like a dingy ugly combination of greenish brownish blackish grayish dog poop mixed with muddy grass stains. 

When my sister and her husband learned of my abhorrence of the carpet, they offered me their old carpeting because the company that had installed the wrong carpeting in their home (they thought they were getting the highest quality carpeting and instead received the wrong grade) could no longer use the carpeting. My sister and her husband wanted to give us the carpeting that had been wrongly installed. I was hesitant. They owned cats. Lots of cats. I am highly allergic to cats. 

Might steam cleaning the carpeting remove all of the dander? Amazingly, YES – it did! After getting the carpeting steam cleaned (without my presence), I was able to live in the home allergy free. 

Most recently I drove to Virginia for a get-together with my son. He was staying with people who owned dogs. The only way I could stay there, I told him, and it was questionable about whether or not the idea would work, was to steam clean the carpets and the furniture. If that didn’t work, I wouldn’t be able to stay. Once again, steam cleaning worked and I was able to stay in the home without any allergy attacks. 

So if you have allergies and are planning on moving into a home where pets live, steam clean the carpets before you move in. Don’t allow the allergic member of your family to enter the home while the cleaning is being done. And if you own pets and loved ones with pet allergies visit you, steam clean your furniture too. Make sure you keep all animals away from your guests while they are visiting, and change your furnace filter.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog on allergies found it very informative and exactlly what i was looking for

  3. No one in my family has allergies, but my daughter has been dating this guy for a year now who DOES, and has trouble in our house due to all the pets. Now when they come visit us, I always sweep, mop and vacuum–I thought that would help, but no, when the boyfriend comes over, after a few hours his asthma acts up and no amount of allergy pills seem to help him. I’m thinking I’m going to have to invest in a carpet cleaner. My husband says no, we’ve stumbled upon a great way to keep the boyfriends out!!! Haha!

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