Supermoon Supplies Simple Surprises

Posted: May 7, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Several months ago the clock on my microwave stopped working. No warning. Nothing. It just stopped. I tried setting it again and again, but that didn’t work, either. What I don’t understand is why the timer still works. The cook time works too. As a matter of fact all of the buttons on the microwave work, except – for reasons unknown – the clock set button. All these many months with no working microwave clock, I wondered if perhaps the clock light blew a fuse. But then I wondered, do microwaves have fuses? 

After a while I forgot about the clock – unreliable stupid microwave – I’ll show you – I’ll use my stove clock. It has a timer too!

One of the many annoyances of my life is that things just stop working for me. For the past couple of days, for example, my iPad stopped rotating. I searched online for remedies to fix the problem. I tried every one of those solutions. Nothing worked. But I noticed that a few of the people who commented said that their iPads stopped rotating and after a couple of days, the iPads started to rotate all on their own. 

So I thought, hmm, I’ll just wait until Tuesday and if it doesn’t start rotating on its own by then, I’ll call Apple. And by on its own, I don’t mean that I would walk into a room and find my iPad rotating all over the room – I mean that when I hold it and rotate it with my hands… 😉

Last night, the night after the Supermoon, the skies darkened (I really wanted to see that Supermoon), thunder boomed throughout the neighborhood, and lightening lit up my room so much I had to bury myself in my blankets just to get some sleep. 

Hmm, blankets would be cheaper than caskets. Sorry, little sidestep.

Anyway, my fan, the white noise that helps me sleep, suddenly stopped working. No surprise there, but at least I could attribute it to a reason – the storm had knocked out the electricity. Fortunately it didn’t happen until around 6 a.m.

Still, no lights, no coffee, and no microwave. For how long? I called my provider and was informed that by 10 a.m., we would have electricity. Ameren is pretty good about honoring its promises – by 7:10, we had electricity and I immediately made coffee for myself and my daughter.

As I do after every storm, I reset all the digital clocks. I have two of them. One is on my microwave and one is on my oven. I always return to my microwave to set the clock, hoping that one day it will miraculously begin working. When it worked, my eyes opened wide and I immediately rushed for the iPad. It rotated!

Oh, joy of joys! Everything is working again. I shouldn’t question why, but I can’t help myself. My guess is that the energy from the Supermoon affected the electrical circuitry in my home, including that of my microwave and my iPad. The Superstorm that blasted through the sky last night ignited an electric dance of energy that swooped through all of my appliances and made them whole again.  

Yes, I know. I live in a fantasy world, which, by the way, is waaaaay better than this world, but I firmly believe that energies we can’t see are working all around us. Now all I have to do is hook up my body to those electrical impulses and it will work beautifully too 😉  

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  1. theresawiza says:

    After I wrote this blog, I went to my refrigerator. The light no longer works. What timing!

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