You Know You’re Old When

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Uncategorized
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You know you’re old when…

• people are surprised to learn that your mom is still alive.

• the image that stares back at you in the mirror suddenly looks like your mother

• all the scales you step on add 10 pounds to your actual weight

• people you thought of as children now have grandchildren of their own

• all text looks as if it’s written in a 3 pt. font size 

• your grandchildren ask (yes, these are actual questions I’ve been asked):

Did they have clothes when you were a kid? (no, we wore leaves)

Will all my pictures turn to black and white when I get old? (yes, the color drains from you body, and the pictures that were taken of you reflect your image as you age)

How old were you when your world got color? (the day I transformed from an amphibian into a human – I don’t remember how old I was – I’ve lost my memory)

As you might have (rightfully) guessed, I live in perpetual state of denial about aging. I believe I’m neither old nor antiquated; like a record that’s been around the turntable a million times, I have gone platinum, which, as you know, is a precious metal. 😉

 (image is from wikimedia commons)
  1. Allene Newberg Bilodeau says:

    Oh, lord, Ms Wiza, you got me ROFL! Which is wonderful after reading the blog post abt all the recent physical challenges that just cropped up, cuz I felt drained of color myself for you. I love you dearly, Theresa.

    When I send out healing thoughts & prayers, I visualize you breathing slowly & with ease, musles softening, relaxing, resting, calm, enfolded in that deep pink blanket that is made of Light and Love. It soaks into your whole being, radiating healing energy through every cell of your precious body. Like cotton candy, it fills your mind with a soft hazy completely relaxed state of well being. Whatever you’re dealing with, beautiful friend, know that somewhere that perfect image of you exists and is held in my heart & mind. Maybe sometimes you can relax into it, like a puzzle piece slips into it’s perfect niche.

    When I read this, every sentence hit home. The questions the kids asked (and your parenthetical responses) did me in! You sure have imaginative grandkids! (and why wouldn’t they be?) Lately when Doug or I make a silly remark abt being her old Granny or being old being too old & breakable to do that move, Zoe snaps back, “You are NOT old! Old is 72!” Isn’t it funny how kids will set a schedule for aging? When I was in first grade, I concluded 10 was a “big kid”. Thirty to sixty was “middle-aged”. Sixty & over was “old”. Must be why I went through a mini crisis of hysterical crying the year I turned 60. (five yrs ago, btw. Now I look forward to getting Medicare in Aug!) .

    One thing you said is spot on, Theresa. You ARE made of precious mettle! ❤

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