Hello World, It’s Me!

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Years ago I imagined myself standing on the corner of Hollywood and Vine in the hopes that somebody would “discover” me for my writing abilities (I’m sure I previously blogged about that insane desire – how does a writer get discovered just by standing on a famous street corner).

Fast forward to 2012. I write blogs, I have entered three screenplays in writing competitions, and though the results won’t appear until next October, I await in anticipation for somebody to recognize my talent.

Now let’s go back in time to 1975. There I was in all my hippiedom, long black hair down to my waist, wearing a long-fringed brown suede jacket, a big floppy brown suede hat, and fringed brown suede moccasins. Nobody noticed me. Why? Because I looked like every other hippie.

But wait! What if I had enticed an advertising agency to promote me? What if I had signs everywhere asking, “Who is Theresa Wiza?” In 1975 I wasn’t known as Theresa Wiza though, so then what? An advertising agency would know what to do, because if my name had been advertised, people might have been asking, who is THAT girl?

Yes, I know, THAT girl was Marlo Thomas, but I’m sure the ad agency would have come up with some clever little slogan that people would remember (THAT is their job after all), and I would be sitting in my home on the ocean writing screenplay after screenplay after screenplay and everybody would know my work.

Hmm. Maybe I should consider contacting THAT Advertising Agency.

  1. sophialudlowgroup says:

    I think I’ll always be in that “one day I’ll get discovered!” phase. For what, who knows. I’ll take anything.

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