Got it at home

Posted: February 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

We got some good Cable TV Packages that were offered in our new homeowners package and my husband and I have become the biggest TV watchers. We never used to be inside this much but since we moved here and it’s much colder than we are used to it’s been really helpful for us to have some way to entertain ourselves. We really like The Walking Dead and also the other great shows on AMC – that network has come a long way! I remember when it used to be all black and white TV programs and everything else that totally disinterested me…who would have thought at this point we’d be watching some awesome shows together on it? I am pretty partial to Mad Men because I’m in advertising but my hubby doesn’t really get the nuances of it – he’s just not that into throwback stuff and I could watch the show on mute just to enjoy the costumes alone. I love that there are so many great shows for us to bond over!


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