Mixing Olives

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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ImageThis year I got to celebrate the holidays with different family members at different times. What I really would have liked would have been for all of us to be together at the same time in the same place, but now that the family has grown (and continues to grow) so large, we have to see each other however and whenever we can.

You have to know that we really do love each other, but most of the members of my family are – (sigh) really weird (some of whom will actually admit to being weird – OK, I admit it – I’m weird, but so are all of us).

I know, we all SAY our families are weird, but I have proof that mine is. I won’t expose the entire family right away – it might be too much for you to handle, but I HAVE to expose at least one member of my family, my baby sister.

First a good point – she’s anal about everything, which makes her very neat. I know, the term, “everything” sounds vague, but when it comes to the way she wants things, she wants things to be THAT way, and that way only. For example, when my oldest daughter gave her a present 20 years ago, according to my daughter anyway, Kathy SCREAMED at her, “STOP BUYING ME GIFTS! I DON’T WANT GIFTS!”

Kathy doesn’t like clutter, and a gift means she has to find a place for it, something she doesn’t want to do, because no matter what the gift is, she considers it to be clutter. Kathy’s scream made quite an impression on my daughter and Keeley made a mental note to herself to NEVER give my sister a present – EVER. 

So this year, when Keeley made gifts for everyone else, she specifically did NOT make one for Kathy. I didn’t know that Keeley made gifts for everybody EXCEPT Kathy, though, and I also didn’t know that Kathy had made such a demand 20 years ago, so when I brought into my sister’s house the gifts that Keeley had given me to bring, I noticed that one of my sisters had no gift. 

I told my other sister, Cindy, and my mom that Keeley probably accidentally brought Kathy’s gift with her when she drove to visit other relatives. My mom, who probably didn’t want the gift either said, “That’s OK. Give Kathy mine.” She would get her gift from Keeley later. So when I talked to Keeley later that day, Keeley told me about the “conversation” that had taken place 20 years ago and gave me her reason for not giving Kathy a gift. 

Too late. Mom already gave her gift to Kathy and Mom went home, so I had to take the gift back from Kathy and remind Kathy about the demands she made 20 years before. Kathy remembered the conversation and told me she would give the gift back to Mom for me. 


Kathy was kind enough to let me spend Christmas night in her home, and when it was time for me to leave, she asked me if I wanted to bring any of the food home with me. Of course I would! So she packed up a plate for me and asked me if I wanted the olives too. I LOVE olives, so again, I said yes.


Before I could scream, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” (I screamed it anyway) she had already mixed the black olives with the green olives.

For somebody who is so anal about everything, you would think she would know enough NOT to mix olives. But Kathy doesn’t like olives, so she cares nothing about anything olive-related. She probably doesn’t even use olive oil.

The other day, since I still had a bunch of olives left, I asked my great granddaughter, Ayla, if she would like one. My granddaughter, Sarah, said, “Yes, she does. She likes the black ones.” 

Too bad, because ALL of the olives now taste like green olives.

Final words: NEVER MIX OLIVES unless you want them all to taste like green olives.

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