Seeing the Nutcracker is our family’s tradition

Posted: November 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Guest post written by Samantha Rogers

Every year when we all get together for Thanksgiving, we also make a point to go and see The Nutcracker together. I can’t even think of how many years that we’ve been doing this, maybe even before any of my kids were born! But no matter how many times we’ve seen the ballet together, it’s always so special for us! I never really get tired of it and it’s something that’s nice and familiar about Christmastime, like watching A Charlie Brown Christmas or The Santa Clause.

But this year I thought that I would make sure I get to really enjoy it like I used to by research hearing aids. I found the site and after I looked through it some, I went in for a hearing test and got fitted with some hearing aids.

I think that this year my oldest son’s girlfriend is coming home with him for Thanksgiving, so we rounded up a ticket for her at the last minute. I hope that she loves the Nutcracker as much as we do!

  1. Beth says:

    My daughter has been taking her little girl to see The Nutcracker ever since Miss S was two (she’s 6 now). They get all dressed up, have a special dinner together, and go see the ballet. Daddy stays at home since he’s not interested, This year, their little guy, 2 1/2, is big enough to go with, so it should be even more fun. Nice tradition.

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