Immigration Rant – America’s Dirty Secrets

Posted: October 31, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve had it up to here (here being so far out of the stratosphere, it would take you a hundred lifetimes to measure) with talk of immigration.

The know-it-alls spout off about what should happen and about how we should take care of the matter. They show up ready to fight for “our” land and for “our” rights.

And every time I hear some of the drivel that drools from the mouths of these righteous freedom fighters, I can’t help but think about the time BEFORE this land became OUR land, to the time when the white man claimed to have DISCOVERED this land.

Back up.

Discovered? Weren’t people already living here? Oh, wait, I forgot. Those people – the “Indians” – didn’t count, because the white man claimed this land for his own.

Must have been quite a predicament – I mean, how can you tell a bunch of illiterates who don’t know the English language that they are no longer welcome in their own homes?

Hmm. I know, let’s cage them. Let’s claim this land as our own, consider “our” language, which we brought with us from a different country, to be this new land’s “preferred” language, and reserve a small spot for those despicable “Injuns”. It would be inhumane to kill them, after all – and um, I know, we’ll call their new homes “reservations,” because we are permitting them to live in OUR country by reserving OUR land for them – that should shut them up.

OK, that’s done; now we need to find some help. Let’s go to Africa where another bunch of illiterates who don’t know our language won’t understand us. We’ll bring them back to the country we have stolen from beneath the feet of its original inhabitants and force the slaves to work for us. We’re getting really good at stealing – first a whole country and now a bunch of people.

But wait. Is it possible (just asking) that maybe the red people and the black people weren’t actually stupid because they didn’t know the language of the white man, but that maybe the white man was stupid for not realizing that this land was already discovered by the people ALREADY INHABITING IT? And maybe the reason the blacks and the reds didn’t understand the language was because they spoke a DIFFERENT LANGUAGE?

Let’s reiterate – the white man deceives himself into believing that he has actually made a great discovery, he bullies the people who already live here into vacating the land they once cherished and cared for, he then drags unwilling participants from another country to take care of his needs, all of his needs, and well, I think that brings us up to speed.

Admit it – we live in a country that was bullied away from its original inhabitants.

But now “our country” needs laws – white man laws – not white woman laws or black man laws, but white man laws. White man, after all, is Darwin’s select member of the species. He is the aggressor, so obviously more powerful than any other human being – survival of the fittest, right? Proven to be the fittest because those cowardly Indians allowed the gun-toting aggressors to shove them around.

Over time, laws had to be changed to accommodate women (who knew they had a brain?) and black people (they have the ability to read English?) and, let’s not forget, the Indians (let’s give them a bunch of gambling casinos – that should make them happy).

And we’re done. We will never return to Caesar what was Caesar’s, and we can’t do anything about those Native Americans anymore anyway (great – now we have to be politically correct), so let’s just ignore them and deny what we did to them.

And now? OMG these stupid Mexicans want to infiltrate our border too? What the …! What a dilemma. And, worse, now we’ve got a half-black man in the White House? How did we let that happen to OUR country? And what can we do about it?

Before I discuss what we CAN do, let’s talk about what we CAN NOT do. We CAN NOT allow immigrants to “own” this land. Because when you claim a land as your own (as the white man did), you give yourself permission to use its resources for whatever you desire – to chop down trees you believe now belong to you, for instance – to take land away from people already living on it so you can claim Eminent domain, as the white man did when he arrived on the shores of this country.

Until recently, white man ruled. Nothing went on in these United States unless the white man said it was OK. But now everything is spiraling out of control. So what? Do we need more laws, laced with thousands of loopholes so anybody who has half a brain can slip through them?

Why not? All anybody has to do is twist the original terms of the law by completely bending them in such a way as to make them appear to fit the needs of the person who is profiting from the loopholes. The blacks and the reds will never figure it out because they don’t have even half a brain. Only those of us smart enough to recognize a loophole will know how to slip through one. But what about all those holes in our borders? What about all those people creeping in from Canada and Mexico? All immigrants are probably terrorists, right?

On second thought, maybe just the ones who board planes are terrorists. I mean any time you see somebody with a turban around his head or with dark skin and straight hair, what else can you think? If they look like Iraqis (looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, must be a duck), they must be terrorists.

The descendants from the land of Jesus have to be terrorists, right? – Because they came from the same country?

What is wrong with you? Have you not seen paintings of Jesus? He has light hair and blue eyes. He would never look like an Iraqi! How dare you for even thinking that Jesus was even close in resemblance to the terrorists!

And how dare anybody who tries to get into OUR country. We were BORN here. Look at all those illegal immigrants trying to have their babies here. How dare those half-brains use the loopholes in our legal system to legalize their own illegality.

Stop! Take a step back.

Does Karma play any role at all in the progression (or regression) of our United States? I mean what SHOULD happen to people who STEAL AN ENTIRE COUNTRY from its inhabitants? What SHOULD happen to people who STEAL PEOPLE from another country?

And while we’re discussing “shoulds,” what SHOULD have happened to groups of people who shoved their religion down the throats of highly spiritual people who had been treating our Earth with reverence and respect, but who had to watch with impotence its destruction?

The confiscation of this land from the people who cared for it smacks of Hitlerian elitism. Admit it! The people who stole this land from the NATIVE Americans were BULLIES!

The white man, in coming to this land, thought HIS ways were the right ways. And he taught those uncivilized inhabitants that he was the almighty and the powerful, fully capable of kidnapping the entire lot of them. His criminal behavior must have terrified the families who were sent to live in what can only be considered to be a step above concentration camps.

The damage has been done. Nothing we can do now will eradicate from the minds of the Native Americans the manner in which the world they knew ended. No number of apologies will ever suffice for the mistreatment the Native Americans suffered.

But though it’s too late to apologize for what our ancestors did, it’s not too late to reverse the negative influence our ancestors visited upon this country from its inception as the United States of America. We have become a melting pot, and because we tout freedom, we have become a beacon to people of all nations who want to experience the same rights we have.

This was a land of opportunity for the white man and a nightmare filled with trails of tears for its native inhabitants, whom we have buried beneath a veil of contempt. We’ve swept them under their own tents and hoped they would never rise again to claim what was originally theirs.

We are attractive to people who want to experience the American Dream and the freedom we have. Yes, huge numbers of people come here expecting a free ride. We cannot allow them to inhabit this land the same way our ancestors did. We can’t give away all of our resources the way the Native Americans did.

What we CAN do and what we SHOULD do is ask the Native Americans what THEY think about immigration. Because ALL OF US, unless we are Native Americans, are descendants of ILLEGAL immigrants. And yes, I understand the distinction between legal and illegal. The fact that the Native Americans had no written laws concerning the legality or illegality of immigration does not dismiss the MORAL and CORRUPT issue of infiltrating THEIR country and claiming it as our own and then expecting that everybody who comes after us must abide by OUR laws.

New immigrants entering these United States of America hope to find freedom just as our ancestors did. We should be grateful that any group of new immigrants arriving here doesn’t decide it has DISCOVERED this land, corral us all, and then demand we speak a new language. In the world of science fiction, the possibility of life forms inhabiting other planets in other solar systems is entirely possible. Imagine groups of aliens descending from the sky and claiming the Earth as theirs.

What language should we be speaking? Let the Native Americans decide.

Let’s admit that this land was stolen by a bunch of thieves. And let’s move beyond the arguments for or against immigration. Is there nobody in the entire United States who cannot come up with a comprehensive enforceable immigration law that addresses the needs of current Americans and is fair to new immigrants hoping to gain legal status?

One more thing: why are we merely “tolerating” each other? Let’s embrace our differences and move forward into a brighter future filled with hope where we can all live together in one country and treat each other with the respect each human deserves.


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    Though this post was written three and a half years ago, I feel the same way now as I did when I wrote it.

  2. Some good points,thanks

    Lindy Lou

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