Playing personal stylist for my roommate

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Guest post written by Stacey Dennon

My roommate could use some help when it comes to fashion and the thing is, she’s fully aware of it. So she’s always asking me to go shopping with her so that she can find some cute outfits and learn how to put herself together in a cute way. I think that we’re slowly getting that way. I even had her start wearing makeup after I took her to Sephora and got a makeup consultation there. Everyday is a battle because she’s so tempted to just put on whatever she would like and roll out of bed to go to work. But I’ve convinced her that it’s worth waking up a little earlier each day in order to put herself together.

I love to do some online shopping and I convinced her that she needed a good pair of fall boots to wear. We were looking for some the other night when I ran across some info on internet packages. After I looked through it some more, we decided to change over our internet service to it.

I think that we finally found her a really cute pair of boots for her. I love my boots. I wear them with dresses and with my skinny jeans tucked into them.


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