Dear Mel Gibson

Posted: September 3, 2011 in Uncategorized

You don’t know me, but I, like millions of other people around the planet, have heard of you and your offer to Oksana of $15 million.

Frankly, I’m surprised that she didn’t accept your offer and instead chose to accept $750 thousand. That would have been like me telling my ex, “Hey! You know that $600 a month you’re supposed to pay me for your three children? I’d rather have $30.”

As a result of this obvious comparison, I give Oksana credit for her ability to survive on only $750,000.

Mel Gibson

I’m no mathematician, but from my point of view, you now have an extra $14,250,000 that would have gone to Oksana had she not been such a martyr.

So here’s my suggestion. I think you should start your own reality program and call it, “Where’d My Money Go?”

The point of the program would be to choose three needy contestants and give each of them an opportunity to win five million dollars. Each contestant spends the money in whatever way he or she deems responsible. You judge which one spends it wisely according to some pre-planned contest rules that YOU made up.

Money you receive from sponsors would probably extend the program indefinitely and make millions more dollars for you.

Because it was my idea, you would offer me a flat payment of $5,000,000, your first contestant would receive $5,000,000, and you could use the $4,250,000 to visit the Maldives with your new girlfriend (I’m assuming you have one). Trust me. She’ll love it! See photo under Maldives for a look.

I look forward to your response

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