The Grammy’s

Posted: July 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Written by my friend Roosevelt Spence

The time has come to have the velvet red carpet laid out, the beautiful people dressed to impress to walk down it, and for all eyes to be on them to see who out shines the others. This is what the Grammy’s are for me when they air every year on my satellite TV from The best part of this award ceremony is not just getting to see everyone dressed in their best, but also the performances that are put on in between all of these awards being handed out.

I love to see what everyone is wearing, though. They are always decked out in these amazing, and colorful gowns and the men are always dressed to impress with their perfectly fitted, James Bond tuxes. There is something magical about having the perfect dress, the jewelry, the hair style, and that walk as they make their way down the red carpet for all to see. I never miss an opportunity to watch. Me and my friends every year get together to sit around and watch it and pick up as many style tips as we can. Being able to see how they all put themselves together with the gown, the jewelry, the make up and the hair styles are all things we look for. We may not be able to afford the 20,000 dollar dress, the 100,000 dollar jewelry, but we do take in to account the look and duplicated it with in our own budget to get their look when we can. It is my favorite award show to watch.


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