My Journey to the Fuse Box & More Frustrations

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Except for the fun time I had with family, I’d like to skip this week. One frustration after another after another after another (ad nauseam)…

Frustration Number 1 – started with a trip to find a friend. “What town does she live in?” My granddaughter didn’t know but she thought it was a couple of towns over, so I thought, good, because we have to drive there anyway to pick up your brother’s vest from his other grandma’s house.

But it wasn’t in that town, and the GPS brought us to a field when I input a different town. Fortunately I had a fairly good idea about where this friend MIGHT be located and we eventually found her.

But YAY! An hour after I wanted to get to Splash Valley, we finally arrived.

Frustration Number 2 – began with an attempt to put together a water slide for three of my grandchildren at their home. The instructions on the box said that it took only 2 minutes to inflate. Since we had an hour before Taylor had to leave, we decided to set it up.

What the box didn’t say was that prep time for one adult and four children was close to a season’s worth of days.

But YAY! I got to sweat off some pounds before I realized not to trust a box ever again.

Frustration Number 3 – began yesterday with a trip to the fuse box. I had asked my daughter-in-law if she had ever encountered any problems with her air conditioning. Since I was watching the kids and could not work in such debilitating heat, I needed to know how to fix the problem.

“Go flip the switch in the fuse box. It’s in the garage.”

So I walked into the garage, climbed over a couple of bikes, crawled over some very large boxes, moved some other large boxes and bins, and found myself in a neighbor’s yard three blocks away. Kidding. I made it to the fuse box, flipped the switch, climbed back over the mountain of boxes, bins, and bikes, and made my way back to the house. Then I made the return trip and repeated the process twice more because it didn’t work the first two times.

But YAY, her air conditioner now works.

Frustration Number 4 – started early this morning while I waited for the contractor to show up for inspection. After water had leaked into my home, the roof vents had to be replaced and the interior ceiling redone. He wanted to see how his employees had finished.

TWO HOURS after he was SUPPOSED to have been here, I called him in frustration, only to discover that I had forgotten today was Monday. He was scheduled for Tuesday.

YAY! That means this week will be one day longer than I had originally anticipated.

Frustration Number 5 – finances being what they are, I’m trying to refinance my mobile home.  Last week I had called various places and discovered that my best bet for refinancing was through a local credit union that was only 2 miles from my home.

But my GPS took me to a distribution center and with the heat index today at 118 degrees, I was practically crawling around the parking lot trying to locate a door with the words, “credit union.”

Sweat profusely dripping down my brow, I journeyed through the parking lot in search of any indication of where this credit union was hiding. After I trekked through the 100+ degree heat for most of the day, I found out, when I finally got inside and stood dripping all over the floor, that the person I had talked to over the phone last week when I originally called to inquire about the loan didn’t know what she was talking about. They NEVER give loans for mobile homes.

YAY! I might never again have to worry about paying the bills on this home (because I might lose it)!

Frustration Number 6 – finances being what they are, and because my daughter and her family will no longer be able to help me with food, I decided to apply for food stamps (discovered I am waaaay outdated – they are now called Link cards) and followed my GPS to the location listed in the white pages. The sign on the door said, “We have moved a thousand miles away. Go home.”

They listed the new address, though, so I drove across the country only to discover a line that stretched the length of three continents.

So I went home to reflect on these past couple of days and realized that the list I created was meaningless, the phone calls I made last week were a joke, and that apparently everybody within a thousand mile radius is now applying for Link cards. In short, in these past two days I have accomplished absolutely nothing and I have discovered that sometimes God has an annoying sense of humor.

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  1. Nancy says:

    Sorry Ter – seems like things sometimes are a bad joke. But, tomorrow is another day and I’m sure it will be better. What exactly is going on with Brittney and Scott? Are you not living together anymore??

    • theresawiza says:

      They’re moving in a couple of weeks. I’m trying to figure out how I can afford to keep my home. It’s looking more and more like I’ll need a miracle.

  2. Beth says:

    One thing is clear: the GPS has got to go.

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