What Did I Do Wrong, GOOGLE?

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized

I visited one of my Google blogs a couple of days ago. It was gone. I visited another Google blog. It too was gone. One after another, Google blog after Google blog – gone gone GONE!


Did I unknowingly violate Google’s TOS (Terms of Service)?

I write mostly about my grandchildren. Did one of my grandchildren say something that exactly replicated something one of Angelina Jolie’s children had said?

Would Google go so far as to delete something I had written because one of my grandchildren HAPPENED to view the world exactly as had one of the Pitts?

I don’t think so.

What about spamming? Did one of my 17 followers (I know – you’re jealous, right?) report me for spamming? Did I spam? Could I spam? Am I somehow spam I am?

Or did one of the blogs I wrote, encouraging my readers to click the links to another web site, get marked as spam because I included parts of the other site as a means to get readers to visit them?

Google, I’m perplexed.

The only other option is that somebody deleted my blog. But nobody has my password, so how could that happen?

The only reasonable explanation I have is that it had to be my Aunt P. Yes, my Aunt P was on a quest to delete my blogs. Here is why I believe my Aunt P removed my blogs:

Until recently she had never read any of my blogs, so I decided one day to send her a link to one of them, which linked her to all of my other blogs.

(I may have made a fatal error in judgment.)

And then I got this email from her:

I need your help.  I don’t know how to delete the blogs after I see them.  Can you tell me how to do this?

My response:

You don’t have to delete the blogs. Just exit out of them when you’re finished reading them.

To which she responded:

I am trying to delete the blogs you sent to me when I am finished with them  I must have about 30 and don’t know how to delete them. There is no place to delete them.

I responded:

All you have to do is read them. They stay in cyberspace forever (WOW, was I wrong there). You don’t have to delete them unless you saved them to your hard drive. Did you save them to your hard drive?

And she responded:

I have been trying all day to fix the problem but guess I will have to call SBC and have them explain it to me. I am going to print some of your blogs so Uncle B. can read them. Don’t send any till I get this resolved.

My face is droopy with sadness. I can’t, Aunt P. They have all disappeared (I whine to nobody but you, my reader – if you exist).

WHERE DID ALL MY GOOGLE BLOGS GO? WHERE IS MY GMAIL? All of my memories of all of the cute things my grandchildren said and did have evaporated into cyberspace.

Wait a second here – how is it even possible that my Aunt P could delete all of my blogs without access to my password?

I’m blaming SBC.

In the meantime, GOOGLE, PLEASE TELL ME WHY I DON’T HAVE MY BLOGS ANY MORE? Are you discriminating against me because I have cancer (YES, I am playing the CANCER CARD) or asthma, or because I’m (gasp!) OLD (YES, I am playing the AGE CARD).

I don’t get it. Can anybody help me understand? Can anybody help me retrieve my blogs so I will have a record of what my grandchildren said and did? Google doesn’t seem to want to respond to me.

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  2. Linda Johnson says:

    That’s terrible! I wonder if it did have something to do with Crazy Auntie P calling SBC and making it sound like she has been blog-harrassed. I have no idea what you can do. Do you have copies of any of your writings? Should I look at old emails about your blogs and see if they’re still in existence? Whatever you do, do not “send” Crazy Auntie any more notices. I assume she was complaining about notices proliferating.

    I remember my stepmother used to complain and panic about deleting things, like they were going to to eat her aliive.

    • theresawiza says:

      Hi, Linda, I really don’t know if her calling SBC had anything to do with it. I can’t get Google to respond to my repeated requests for clarification. And while I did keep original drafts of some of the blogs, I lost quite a few. I’d really love to have them back. And another bad thing is that I had built up about $70 worth of Adsense revenue that I wouldn’t have been able to receive until it reached $100. Apparently I’ve lost that too. 😦 Time to concentrate on my screenplays, Y!CN, and Xomba. THANK YOU for reading.

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