Applying For a Casino Job

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Years ago, when I was looking for just ANY job, I applied for a job at a riverboat casino in Joliet. I didn’t care what the job was; I needed money.

I dressed as I normally would for a job interview, in a nice suit purchased for me by my mother, and I pulled my long hair up, so I would appear to look classy.

Shortly after I arrived, I was taken out to a deck overlooking the river so that the director of human resources could conduct our interview in a more casual (and less noisy) spot.

Having never been on a riverboat casino, I was surprised by the relaxed atmosphere amidst all of the activity. Even in the middle of the afternoon, a casino seemed like a fun environment in which to work.

But when I sat down with the personnel director, I was stunned by her in-depth questions. She was so completely opposite what I had expected, in fact, that I felt as if I was being interviewed for a job aboard a rocket ship instead of a riverboat casino.

After answering about 20 or so philosophical questions, she came to this question, “How do you see yourself in ten years?”

I panicked. Were my job prospects hindering on the answer to this question? Was she wondering how I saw myself in my personal life, which definitely was nowhere near a casino, or was she expecting my answer to place me at this casino?

And if my answer was supposed to include seeing myself rise to management level at this casino, did she expect me to say, “My lifelong dream has been to work for a gambling casino” though I’ve never placed even one bet in one? Or would I sound too counterfeit?

Admittedly, I was stumped and wondered just what type of job I had applied for. Maybe she thought I was applying for the ship’s psychiatric opening. Where were my smart remarks, my genius comments? Where was my wit and my intelligence? Her philosophical questions surprised the brain cells out of me.

In despair, I walked out of the casino with a visible slump in my shoulders. The interview hadn’t gone as I had hoped. Never before had I walked into an establishment seeking a job and not walked out with an offer. Apparently I was not cut out for casino work.

Like so many other times in my life when I can’t think about what to say until long AFTER the occasion arises in which I could have said something clever, savvy, and perceptive, I walked out feeling the sting of rejection. I should have said that my goal in working for a casino was to be Slot Goddess or better yet, Cage Master.

I’m sure she would have begged for my gift of gab in the guts of global gambling.

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