We Are All Orgasms

Posted: January 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

If you think the title is a typo and that I meant to write, “organisms,” you would be wrong. Look around. What do you see roaming the planet? People? Animals?

Look again. In addition to humans, animals, lizards, and bugs, what you are witnessing are millions of orgasms – materialized.

You could say that we, like the Earth (if you believe in the Big Bang Theory), exploded onto the scene after one orgasmic episode, because, after all, one orgasm is all it takes. You could also say that I am right.

I know. Some of you will argue with me that it doesn’t take an orgasm to create a human, and you would be right, but chances are, orgasm or not, the sexual act was involved. And the hope to achieve an orgasm was somewhere on the “to do” list of at least one of the participants.

So I have only one question – if millions of sperm surround an egg and the egg is very discerning in her decision about whether or not to accept the sperm, how come we have so many crazy people roaming the planet? Can we teach an egg how to intelligently choose her sperm?

So far, no. Scientists can determine hair color and eye color, height and weight probabilities, but have not as yet isolated the specific selection process that determines which sperm is granted entry to the egg.

I address that very issue in my blog post, Sperm Selection, where you will learn about the earthly arrival of the dastardly Dick Tater. In that blog, I address the questionable logic used by Hitler’s mom’s egg when she was taken hostage and assaulted by devious sperm. I invite you to read, Sperm Selection.

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