The Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Break Up Comments

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Before I get into the hilarious commentary I read on PopEater about the breakup between Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy (as related by Jenny McCarthy in her appearance on Oprah), I have to say one thing – I don’t generally read celebrity gossip. As a matter of fact, I can’t remember a single article or blog I’ve written about celebrities other than the two blogs that appear in Your Weird Dreams – one was called, A Lucid Dream With Adam Goldberg or Greg Giraldo – I’m Not Sure (written before Greg Giraldo died); the other was entitled, Celebrity Dreams.

Why don’t I write about celebrities? I would probably make more money if I did, but…hmm, now that I’m writing about it, maybe I’ll have to rethink why I don’t write about celebrities…

Anyway, the reason I don’t regurgitate what I’ve read or heard about celebrities is that I doubt 99% of what I hear, read, or see. In the case of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, unless I hear words coming out of Jim Carrey’s or Jenny McCarthy’s mouths – while I’m standing next to them IN PERSON – the way they live their lives really doesn’t pertain to me and is none of my business.

Based on what I have seen, though, I do like both Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy. They are both very passionate people. Also, I think their names sound creepily similar.

Beyond that, I don’t know them and therefore can’t really comment on the way they live their lives, because I’m not part of their lives.

In other words, I don’t pretend to know them just because they are famous. As a matter of fact, I can’t understand why anybody talks about celebrities as if they know them and acts as if they are in a position to offer an opinion. Don’t you need facts to back up your opinions?

Apparently not.

Stop. I think I need to explain something: While I said I don’t generally read about celebrities, nor do I believe everything I read, see, or hear, I do occasionally read about celebrities when something occurs in their lives that I find amusing, interesting, or heartwarming. The Carrey-McCarthy breakup came as a surprise to me, and I was interested in learning about the breakup in the same way I was curious about John Travolta and Kelly Preston. I was happy to read they were pregnant, and I was happy to read they had their baby boy, Benjamin.

Hollywood marriages and relationships – I can only imagine how difficult maintaining one must be when the two people concerned are always in the public eye. So I’m saddened when celebrities I like break up or experience a tragedy, and I’m happy to read about joyous occasions like the birth of one baby after the tragic loss of another.

End of explanation – back to the reason I am writing this blog – because of the comments concerning the Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy breakup.

I have to assume that if any of the comments that appear at the end of the Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy breakup article were written by people who actually knew Carrey and/or McCarthy, the comments wouldn’t be as funny. I’m guessing that the percentage of people who commented AND who know Carrey and/or McCarthy is very small to nonexistent.

So where did I find these comments? Well, in my search for reliable information pertaining to the breakup of Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, I turned to PopEater (drips sarcasm). I didn’t discover PopEater until a couple of weeks ago – PopEater must mean that the creators of this site regularly Eat Popular people for breakfast. And for lunch. And for dinner. And as snacks in between meals and before bedtime.

The article was short, though, which is great for my attention span, but more than the article itself were the comments, written by people who don’t know Jim Carrey or Jenny McCarthy, where I found humor. These people, who had an opinion about the Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy breakup, must be award-winning psychiatrists.

Granted – several comments I’ve read over the years concerning Jim Carrey say pretty much what I might have expected to read about the bipolar Jim Carrey. Oops! Did I just give it away? Yes, according to the commentary, Jim Carrey himself has admitted to being bipolar.

And, well, isn’t Jenny McCarthy OBVIOUSLY bizarre? OK, well, anyway, here are some of the comments recorded about the Jenny McCarthy/Jim Carrey breakup – as listed verbatim and in their original form – on the PopEater site:

About Jim Carrey: “…for every good looking woman there is ALWAYS an ex thats tired of her crap.”

About Jenny McCarthy: “…she’s insane.”

About Jim Carrey: “…Jim just doesn’t play well with others over the long term.”

About Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy: “She is weird, strange and nutty. He’s admitted he’s bipolar. At least these two didn’t breed.”

About Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy: “I find it odd that 2 people from LA LA LAND separate after 5 years because ITS NOT FUN ANY MORE……and you have to accept that fact that the sun is not going to shine everyday…ITS CALLED LIFE…GIVE AND TAKE…GOOD AND BAD…Quit the dramatics and grow up…They have money, looks, careers, and its not enough…ITS NOT FUN…WELL BOO HOO…GROW UP”

Well, that was enlightening. But I think the essence of the article was summed up nicely with this little splash of sarcasm:

About Jenny McCarthy: “What a riveting, insightful article…she’s like a present day Einstein…”

In closing, if you’re looking for entertainment, check out the comments people make at the bottom of the articles about celebrities. You’ll be amazed by the passion, the sarcasm, the humor, the insight, and, often, the ridiculous lack of wisdom.

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  2. V.E.G. says:

    Jim Carrey was the first generation Canadian Citizen but later became a American Citizen. His parents were British Subjects because there was no such thing before 1947.

  3. V.E.G. says:

    Jim Carrey is the first generation Canadian Citizen. His parents were British Subjects because there was no such thing before 1947.

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