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Posted: January 10, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Did you know that Facebook has its own blog?

Whenever something new surfaces on Facebook, Facebook shares that information in its blog.

I know –  you get emails telling you about what’s new on Facebook, but the blog talks about everything you’d see in the email AND it reminds you of posts you might have missed.

If, like me, you have thousands of unread emails in your inbox, you’ll appreciate knowing you can visit Facebook’s blog to read Facebook-related information.

Facebook also lists its most popular stories, so if you’re new to Facebook, or you trashed your emails, you’ll find those posts in the sidebar on the Facebook blog.

Current topics in the Facebook blog include posts that tell you how to plan the perfect trip with help from your friends and how to make photo tagging easier in Facebook.

Another recent post lists Facebook’s partnership with Clicker, an internet television guide. The guide helps you discover television shows your friends have “liked” on Facebook and other sites, and Clicker provides you with a link that allows you to watch that program on the website that hosts it.

Periodically check out the Facebook blog to familiarize yourself with everything Facebook has to offer.

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