List Makers, Schedulers, and Time Keepers

Posted: December 17, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I grew up with a mother who abided by a strict schedule – strictly enforced – by her. She had cleaning days and ironing days, laundry days and shopping days, hot dog days and noodle days, pasta days and meat days. And she never wavered from her schedule. As a matter of fact, if anything arose that interrupted her schedule, she became so discombobulated she almost couldn’t function.

Actually, I made that last part up. She NEVER interrupted her schedule, unless somebody died. Then she couldn’t go anywhere for days because her schedule was interrupted and she had to make up for lost time.

Her daughter (me) is completely opposite. I go with the flow, never stick to a schedule, and pretty much follow the whims of others. Not that I wouldn’t mind a schedule, mind you, but even when I have a doctor appointment scheduled or I have a visit planned with a friend, chances are something will come up to completely alter my plans. Either that or I will get so distracted by other things going on in my life that I forget my plans.

I do write lists, however, but I sometimes forget to look at them. Then I leave myself texts that I forget I have. I have a notes mode in my phone, but then one of my grandchildren might come along and somehow delete the irretrievable note (yes, it happens and it did). So even when I try to be organized, something happens to dis-organize me. Often the “something” that comes along is my own brain.

I have a brain that distracts itself. Staying focused is nearly impossible for me and remembering what I am supposed to be doing is difficult. So years ago, in an effort to help myself stay focused and remember what I was supposed to be doing and when, I discovered the art of hand writing – not handwriting as in what we scribble on paper or any material that will accept ink, but hand writing as in writing on the hand.

Having four children with activities on different days while I was going to school full time, working sometimes three jobs, and still not surviving financially was a task that my scattered jumbled brain needed help in handling.

So the hand writing method helped to jog my memory, though I must admit some of my abbreviations left me bewildered. To be good at hand writing, you must remember what the abbreviations stand for. And the event or circumstances must happen before the next hand washing or the message becomes irretrievably lost.

When I met my son’s wife, I found another scheduler and list maker. This woman is so organized she single-handedly built a business from the ground up. She chose the colors, the equipment, the recipes, the location, the menu, the furniture, and everything necessary for her frozen yogurt and smoothie shop to run smoothie – I mean smoothly.

When my daughter-in-law comes to Illinois to take care of the shop, I head out to wherever she and my son are living at the time to care for the kids. He’s a U.S. Marine, so they travel a lot. She leaves me schedules for the kids with school time, lunch time, activity time, snack time, bed time, and every other “time” all clearly marked.

But I didn’t realize the depth of her scheduling and organizational skills until the first time I heard one of my grandsons shout out from the bathroom, “It’s butt-wiping time.”

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