Posthumous Interview With Jim Morrison

Posted: October 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Writing lately has been such a challenge for so many reasons (I won’t bore you by explaining all of them, but I will list them):

Grandchildren who don’t understand how easily distracted their grandmother becomes when ANYTHING interrupts her train of thought;

A trip to Florida;

A trip to Virginia;

A computer that had to be repaired;

An Internet provider that CONSTANTLY goes out (an ongoing problem);

A mind that interrupts itself;

And so much more.

Despite all these interruptions and possibly because of the incentive to enter a contest for Xomba, I did manage to write an article entitled, Interview with Dead Rock Star Jim Morrison of the Doors. You can read it by clicking the link.

Also, since it’s so close to Halloween, I invite you also to read, A Halloween Paranormal Nightmare While Awake (click the link). Though I don’t disclose this information in the article, because it, too, was written for a contest entry (for Associated Content) with a word limit I had already exceeded, the nightmare actually happened.

Happy Halloween!


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