Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans, Beverly Johnson, and Me

Posted: October 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans, and Beverly Johnson appeared on Oprah this week to talk about aging and how Hollywood paints its actresses with brushes of perception that make the rest of us feel rather ugly by comparison.

Well, step aside Hollywood beauties, because I have a personal story to relate to you. I got honked at this week! Yes, honked at. Imagine that! This 59 year-old lady got honked at by a truck driver. Even with my short, spiky silver hair that hasn’t fully grown back after falling out from chemo treatments, I got honked at!

It reminded me of a previous honking (smile, wink) experience I had as a woman in my 30’s. One day in particular stands out. I have to admit I was looking pretty hot that day. The temperature was around 90 and I was dripping perspiration. As I drove home in barely-moving traffic, more and more people kept honking at me.

After a while it was getting pretty irritating. Just kidding. I was on quite a high, and I waved back at all of them until one of them pulled alongside me and pointed to the roof of my car.

I am sometimes amazed by the smoothness of some roads. To think I drove an entire block with a gallon of milk sitting on top of my car without losing it still mystifies me.

But anyway, as I said, that was YEARS ago. So when a truck driver honked at me just a couple of days ago, even though I WAS SICK and on my way back from the doctor’s office, I had to assume I had a gallon of milk sitting on top of my car. What other conclusion could I draw? But wait, I hadn’t gone shopping.

All kidding aside, I’m here to say that just because I’m getting closer to 60 every single day, I’m proud to be the age I am and I’m proud of women like Teri Hatcher, Cybill Shepherd, Linda Evans, and Beverly Johnson for recognizing TRUE beauty, that which comes from within.

However, I would also like to thank that truck driver, wherever he is, for reminding me that I still look pretty good as I blurred past him in my speeding car.

So, thank you, Truck Driver! (I am such a hypocrite – how dare me want truck drivers to objectify me – maybe a thought for another blog.)

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