How to Remove a Mouse From a Sticky Mouse Trap

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Years ago I lived in an apartment that had a problem with mice. In a previous apartment, I once used snap traps to catch mice, but I hated using them, because I didn’t want to cripple or kill the mice.

Soooo, remembering my past experiences, I bought one of those sticky mouse traps thinking I could free the little nuisances after I captured them. Having never used sticky mouse traps, I assumed they would be simple to use – just catch the mouse, take it outside, and then release it from the sticky trap by shaking it off.

But that’s not how those traps work.

My youngest daughter, Brittney, was living at home with me back then. Brittney, who has always been deeply devoted to every living thing, heard the mouse cry and couldn’t stand knowing that the little mouse was suffering. When I got home from work, she asked me to help her get it off the sticky mouse trap, but nothing we were doing was working. The poor little thing was stuck.

We took it outside with a bucket of water. First Brittney tried getting the mouse off the pad by pouring water on it, but the mouse started to drown, so she gave it mouth to mouse. Just kidding. We quickly got the water off the sticky pad and sat down in the yard to discuss our dilemma.

That’s when I came up with the solution of using peanut butter. I sent Brittney into the house to get some while I stayed on the lawn to comfort the mouse. It wasn’t long before Brittney came out with a jar of peanut butter and a knife.

To our neighbors we probably looked like we were preparing a peanut butter and mouse sandwich, which we were getting ready to eat on the lawn, but to us it looked like we were preparing to eat a peanut butter and mouse sandwich and, laughing, we imagined our neighbors looking at us through their windows holding binoculars and wondering what we were doing.

The crying mouse was tugging at our heart strings though, so we slathered peanut butter on the pad and spread it all around the mouse. And we had to maneuver the peanut butter between its little paws and the pad, so we wouldn’t accidentally cut it with the knife.

Eventually, after we had provoked the curiosity of surrounding neighbors, we managed to get the mouse off of the sticky pad, but the mouse, probably unused to hobbling around with peanut butter on its paws, was having difficulty walking. It kept falling over on its side. After a while, it hobbled away, and though it repeatedly fell on its side, it got right back up.

While we were praying that neighborhood pets hated the taste of peanut butter, we patted ourselves on the back and vowed never again to use those kinds of mouse traps. And to get rid of the problem we moved to a mouseless house.

By the way, In Defense of Animals recommends using cooking or baby oil and a Q-tip to remove a mouse from a sticky pad. Click the link. It’s a great site for people interesting in protecting animals.

  1. Linda Johnson says:

    If you can’t move the mouse away, move away from the mouse! This is too funny. Maybe peanut butter is an intoxicant for mice when applied externally.


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