Run, Script, Run!

Posted: August 11, 2010 in Uncategorized
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My grandchildren loved (notice the past tense) to play games on the iPhone my son and his wife bought me. Yesterday, however, Audrey somehow managed to delete THE note where I had saved every password for every program and web site I visited, along with numerous ideas for articles, scripts, etc.

Audrey could tell by the look on my face that I was NOT HAPPY. Knowing she had destroyed something I was shocked to learn had now permanently disappeared from my phone, she ran into her room sobbing.

I was so distraught over the loss, that all I could think about was finding a way to retrieve the data.

“I’m not angry with YOU, Audrey,” I eventually told her, after I had searched the web for a way to retrieve my lost information, “I’m angry about what happened.”

Hours into my search I discovered a script that appeared again and again telling those of us who had had the misfortunate of losing valuable information, how to retrieve our lost notes.

Great, I now have a script I can run. So I copied the script and pasted it into the TextEdit program on my Mac.

And I made an amazing discovery in the process. Like handing a gallon of gas to a ten-year old, unless he knows what he is supposed to do with the gas, NOTHING is going to happen.

Somebody had given me the golden key to unlock my data, but neglected to tell me where to put the key.

I had already read about going to iTunes, disabling this, not connecting that, blah blah blah, but now I had the key to recovering my data and I didn’t know how it worked.

So I started blankly at the screen filled with the script that would save my data and said, “Run, script, run!” Nothing happened. I utilized the “Help” screen on my Mac. Nothing. I called Apple.

“Well, if you had purchased protection, we could have taken care of the matter for you. Because you did not purchase protection, we can still take care of you, but it will cost you.”

And that’s where I am. I have a script that is supposed to recover my notes file, but I don’t know what to do with it. And I have access to the only company willing to help, but at an exorbitant cost.

Anybody know how to run a script on a Mac?


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