Effects of the Full Moon When Driving

Posted: July 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I knew it! I knew a Full Moon HAD to be close. Just so happens it’s today. How did I know a full moon was coming? Because of a driving experience I had two days ago.

The drivers around me were so crazy I eventually had to take out pen and paper just to remind myself of the miserable experiences and, when I arrived home, to check the number of days until the next full moon.

Recently I wrote an article entitled, Full Moon in the ER. I could just as easily have written Full Moon in the Streets, or Full Moon at the Store, or Full Moon at the Home – well you get the idea, but today, I’m going to write about the Effects of the Full Moon When Driving based on my own experiences this past Friday.

Sometimes you don’t have to be in the midst of a full moon to get the effects of a full moon, as will be evidenced here:

The first irritating driver decided to put his turn signal on a full three blocks before actually turning. Of course, I didn’t know he wasn’t going to turn for another three blocks, so I followed behind him even when he took the 90 degree angle turn at approximately negative 30 miles per hour (and I’ll bet you didn’t think that was possible).

The moon, hearing my complaint about that driver sent me this one, who was at least driving the speed limit. Driving 40 miles per hour, he adeptly turned a 90 degree angle turn right in front of me WITHOUT brake lights and WITHOUT using a turn signal. Had I known he was going to turn, I might not have swallowed my heart at the last second. I forgot to check his car for a bumper sticker that probably read, “Think FAST!”

My favorite driver of the day, though, was the woman who decided to stop in front of 2 semis that were following each other on the expressway. Maybe she enjoyed watching their panicked expressions when she slammed on her brakes (for absolutely NO reason, because I was driving in the lane next to her and NOBODY was in front of her).

She must have suddenly realized that SHE might get bumped from behind if she didn’t stop playing her dangerous game, because at the last second, with brakes shrieking behind her, she sped up. I wondered if either one of the truck drivers ended up in the hospital with a heart attack that day.

And then there’s THIS driver, holding a pen in one hand and writing on an envelope on her steering wheel. In my defense, I WAS watching the road. I wasn’t even looking at the envelope as I scribbled notes. If I hadn’t written clues about these stories, I wouldn’t have been able to remember them all. As it is, I have already forgotten the episodes that occurred before I wrote down these stories.

Next Full Moon, I’m going to be prepared. If you would like to know when the next Full Moon appears, click THIS LINK!


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