Challenges Make You Stronger

Posted: June 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
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What a bunch of crap!

A few months ago, my computer went out on me. I didn’t get it fixed, because I have a laptop, but that computer was at the top of my list of things to get fixed UNTIL the air conditioning went out on my car.

After I spent a couple of hundred dollars getting the air fixed in my car, my refrigerator went out. That was yesterday at a cost of three hundred dollars (including labor).

Today my television AND my vacuum cleaner broke. Seriously. I’m not kidding. No reason – I just turned them on and they didn’t respond (sounds like my love life).

All of this on top of the fact that I HAVE CANCER! Can’t that be enough for now?

Believe me, I learned a long time ago NOT to ask, “What else is going to happen?” Because when you ask that question, you find out.

So why are these things happening to me, RELENTLESSLY???????

I think I have the answer. Here’s what I visualize. I’ve mentioned before in various blogs and/or articles that I must be God’s favorite little soap opera. Click the link to read more amazing and remarkable oddities that occur in my life. But anyway, I think God delights in watching me scramble through my life in pursuit of answers.

He gets together with the Angels and says things like, “WHAT are we going to do with her? Every time we try to knock her down, she keeps coming back.”

And I’m down here saying, “You think you can take my refrigerator away from me? HA! Just try it!”

But I forget – He’s God. He giveth. He taketh away. Maybe I’m Job reincarnated.

And so here I am today, blogging about my misfortunes. And God is saying, “You wanted to be a writer, right? I’m giving you something to blog about.”

And I’m saying, “Oh, give me more, please!”

I have to be grateful for every bad thing that happens, because I truly believe in harmony and balance. And for all the crap that’s happening, I EXPECT AN EQUAL AMOUNT OF THE GOOD STUFF (any day now, OK, God?) – ooh, guess what? I just tried my TV and it’s working now.

I guess things aren’t really that bad – my car now has air conditioning, my refrigerator got fixed, and my daughter let me use her vacuum.

And I have some great trips to look forward to. I’ll be visiting my son and his family next month, I’ll be getting together with my sisters soon for another Super Sister Sleepover.

And I’ll be meeting – for the first time – a pen pal from England I’ve been writing to since grammar school. Can’t wait to meet her.

And the best thing is – I have only a few more months of treatment for breast cancer. YAY!

Maybe challenges really do make you stronger. Thank you, God. I’m feeling better already and all I did was write a bunch of words 😉

And now, completely unrelated to anything I’ve said so far, because I have a short attention span, I would like to present to you, for your viewing pleasure, a couple of videos to brighten your day. One is of my grandson Zac; the other of my granddaughter, Audrey:

  1. Mella says:

    We take the good with the bad!

    Your grandchildren are ADORABLE. They make up for all the broken tvs everywhere.

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