Funny Comments Other People Post

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently posted an article on Associated Content, entitled Noah’s Ark Found on Mt. Ararat? (Click on the link if you would like to read it.) Like any writer, I dearly love when people comment on my articles or my blogs.

Sometimes they drop by with a smiley face just to let me know they read it. Other times, they leave long comments giving me their opinions about what I’ve just written. It really doesn’t matter what they write, because every time I get an email telling me that somebody has posted a comment, I practically trip over my fingers trying to read it.

Well, today, I received an email telling me that somebody had left me a comment on my Contributor Page. So I raced to Associated Content and clicked on the Comments button (next to the Published Content button) and found a comment that brought more than a smile to my face. Somebody named, “Noa” left this comment regarding my Noah’s Ark article, “I never left it there.”

Apparently he has changed the spelling of his name, maybe as a feeble attempt at disguising himself, but that comment sent me into fits of laughter.

So, Noa, whoever you are, THANK YOU for the comment and THANK YOU for the laugh.


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