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Posted: February 16, 2010 in 1
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My sister and I were discussing this morning the fact that no matter what we post on facebook, we rarely get any comments. And I’m talking about amazing comments, like LOOK at my NEW website, My Looks Online – post a photo, comment on photos already posted there! Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? (Click the link to see the site.)

And here are the comments my sister gets – (                      ).

If you think you have a vision problem, you don’t. She receives a couple or no comments every time she points people in the direction of her web site.

My posts usually point to articles or blogs I’ve written. Again, I receive a couple or no comments.

So who does receive comments?

People who post things like:

I just finished clipping my toenails.


Snowing outside.


I had a bagel for breakfast.

Hundreds of people seem to have lots to say about toenails, snow, and bagels, but when it comes to new web sites or articles or blogs, nobody comments. And it’s not like my sister and I don’t comment on other people’s posts. We do. We are two very giving sisters.

So what do my sister and I have to do to get comments? I started to imagine some really useful information I could post, such as (imagine the following are true):

Cure for cancer found.


Nuclear bomb located in Tennessee.


Ghosts proven to exist.

What types of comments could my sister and I expect? In a word, none. We feel invisible. Oh, the occasional friend will comment, but for the most part, we sit in a portion of facebook that feels like a hidden closet or Harry Potter’s invisible cloak, a place where the less favored facebook devotees await that viral moment when they see huge numbers of comments on their posts.

In a moment of exhilaration, they rush out into the open and scream, I DO EXIST! I DO EXIST!

I can’t help but wonder why, nearly a year after asking Am I Invisible (click on the link to read the post) way back on March 26, 2009, I am asking it again.

So my question to you, reader of this blog, is, what does it take to get comments on facebook? (The irony about asking that question is knowing what will happen as a result of asking it.)

My sister and I await your response as we sit behind Harry Potter’s cloak. Do you notice us?

  1. NCDesigns says:

    Well isn’t that some crap? That even as you post this…no one has commented on it?
    Don’t feel bad, I feel the same way. I offer free downloads on my blog and facebook, and even though I’ve gotten at least 150 or more people downloading them, only one person has left a comment on either of them. Yep, I’m feeling invisible – until they want something. That’s ok, I’ll keep posting and doing what I do. One day it will be appreciated (I hope). Good luck to you!

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